Tales of the forest

Tales of the forest

What happens in the forest stays in the forest

Chapter 1 by Lizzy Lovin Lizzy Lovin

In the wilds of the forest live many creatures. The proud high elves and their wood elf protectors, the quarreling packs of the Wolfen and herds of the Cervine. The orcs and goblins living wherever they can make their homes. The rare forest dragon hoarding their valuables from prying eyes. And more.

Much happens beneath the leaves of the ancient and mighty trees. These are the stories of the forest's inhabitants. Their lives, their loves, their triumphs and their failures.

There are many things to see. There is a dispute over a water pool that could turn dangerous, a tentacle beast hunting a female orc to make her carry its spawn, a wood elf and a human girl meeting under moonlight to avoid discovery. A centauress wanders in from the rolling plains and becomes lost. These are but a few of the stories that go on beneath the eaves of the leaves. There is romance, quarrels and carnal delights enjoyed by those under the trees silent eyes. Only they see them all.

What tale is to be followed?

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