Star Wars: A New Hope

Star Wars: A New Hope

The Adventures of Luke Skywalker

Chapter 1 by lightsky lightsky

Danger looms across the galaxy as the Empire's secret weapon, the Death Star, is finalized and ready to wreck havoc. Though a small rebel alliance has attempted to hold them off, their efforts have been mostly in vain - until now. The secret schematics of the superweapon were leaked following a high-stakes operation, which lead to those plans being inserted into a droid. This droid eventually found it's way to the future hero of the universe - Luke Skywalker, a young nineteen year old on a fringe planet called Tatooine. Once he meets this droid, young Skywalker will soon find that the adventure he had once longed for came with a heavy price. Along the way to the Death Star, the youth undergoes loss, immeasurable power, tight friendship, lust, and many more adventures to come.

There may also be some minor digressions along the way; maybe he was feeling himself at the Mos Eisley cantina and needed to jerk it out or maybe a friend (or villain) took it upon themselves to pleasure the youth and teach him the ways of becoming a man.

His story can begin with whichever is chosen below - does the youth begin his story before the official events, exploring and surveying the desert wasteland, mingling with his friends Biggs and Camie? Could he be following the guidance of his mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and traveling throughout Mos Eisley with his new droids? Perhaps he has rushed off to space with Han Solo and Ben, hoping to find and rescue the Princess Leia? Or could he be relishing in the destruction of the Death Star, with his friends in tow, celebrating his great victory?

And what delightful pleasures await the young man? What discoveries will he make - the beautiful princess of Alderaan, his best friend the smuggler, the wise Jedi mentor, the overpowering and sinister Darth Vader, or any other possible individual?

The choice is yours.

Where does your journey begin?

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