Sex World

Sex World

A writing/roleplaying game

Chapter 1 by Zokko Zokko

Initial note for readers: I'm more likely to continue with storylines that get more likes and comments. While I do initial playtesting this will be kept private, but once I've got something more solid I will open it up to contributions from others.

Sex World is intended to be a mixture of game and writing exercise. You will create a character and set them up in a situation, but how that situation develops depends not only on what choices you make but also on dice rolls.

The full rules will be made available if I ever finish them, but currently I'm running this as a playtest for myself while I develop the game. However, here are the bare basics you'll need to know to follow along:

Characters have four stats: Hot, Cold, Hard, and Soft.

Hot shows how attractive and desirable you are. It's used mainly for seduction and mutually satisfying sex. It's also good for gaining _strings _on others.

Cold measures your ability to manipulate and dominate others. It's used to gain _hooks _and to bend others to your will.

Hard is your capacity for brute force and violence, as well as your enjoyment of using others for your own pleasure.

Soft shows how good you are at comforting and pleasuring others. It helps you make friends and gain bonds.

Strings, hooks, and bonds show your relationships with other characters.

Strings show how attracted they are to you. Having a string on someone means they're looking for opportunities to have sex with you.

Hooks show your power and leverage. If you have a hook on someone, you can make them do things they don't really want to, through blackmail or otherwise using your power over them.

Bonds measure trust and frienship. When you have a bond with someone they like you and want to do things for you.

Many actions in the game require you to make a move. Moves are pieces of game mechanics that may involve a die roll, a choice, or just a change to the game state.

Here's an example of a move:

When you comfort someone or spend time with them, roll with Soft.
On a hit, you gain their trust and friendship. Gain a bond with them.
On 10+, also pick one:
* You make out with them.
* They tell you a secret or confide a problem. Gain a hook on them.
* They tell you a secret about someone else. Gain a hook on that person.
On a miss, they leave or make you leave unless you lose a bond you have with them.

Anytime the game tells you to "roll with..." or "make an unmodified roll", you roll two regular six-sided dice, and if you're instructed to roll "with" something, you add that as a modifier to the roll. Any result 7 or higher is a hit, and anything below that is a miss. A result of 10 or more will typically give you some kind of bonus, while a 7-9 may be a qualified or mixed success.

Sometimes you roll with advantage, or have advantage with a roll. That means you roll three dice and use the two highest for your total. Similarly, when you rill with disadvantage you roll three dice and use the two lowest. (You still add whatever modifier is relevant.)

Some other terminology

Advance: An advance lets you increase one of your stats, gain a new move, change your character type, or otherwise improve or change your character. No stat can be increased above +3 for any reason.
Cumming: Just like in porn and real life, cumming is a big deal in Sex World. Cumming and making others cum is the main way you gain xp. When someone cums, you generally need to get them DTF or RTF again (but see genders below).
DTF: Down To Fuck. This only applies to non-player characters, and shows that they're, well, down to fuck. If you want to fuck someone, you need to get them to this state. (Or force them, but that's not encouraged.)
Genders: Genders in Sex World are based on whether you have a cock or not, nothing else. I.e., a dickgirl or "true" herm with both types of equipment will both count as "people with dicks", along with any plain ol' men. This mainly matters when it comes to who can do a cumshot which can give extra xp. As a compensation, and to play into the porn trope that all women are multi-orgasmic, the first time a non-dick having character cums during a scene, they don't stop being DTF/RTF.
RTF: Ready To Fuck. This only applies to you, the player character. This is similar to DTF. (So why have to terms? There are reasons.)
xp: Experience Points. You get these mainly for cumming or making someone else cum, but you can also gain xp by getting into trouble. Five xp earns you an advance.

The game is generally assumed to take place in a world that runs on porn logic, meaning anyone is willing to have sex with anyone else given the right circumstances, there is no underaged people around, everyone is attractive, and even if someone is coerced into something they'll probably end up enjoying it.

Playtest notes

For the most part, when there are options to pick from I will only put up the ones that are relevant to the current situation. For example, if a list has "They'll follow you somewhere private" when you already are in private, I won't list that as an option.

As I add chapters, I won't always keep detailed track of the game state, mostly because this allows me to merge different branches that have ended up in mostly the same place. For example, if two lines of action both end up with you having sex with the same person but one line gave you an xp and the other gave you advantage with a roll, those two will be merged and you will have to keep track of which is true. This does force you to keep some notes (mental or physical), but it saves a whole lot of repetitive writing for me, so... suck it up!

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