Prom Night with a twist

You're a young man on a world where males are the efmininate gender. you're 18 years old and prom is looming a few days away.

Chapter 1 by MissAshleyJ MissAshleyJ


“Ugh…” Sam groaned as he pulled himself out of bed.

“SAM! Breakfast!” He heard his father calling up as he rubbed the sand from his eyes

“Coming” he yelled down as he slumped his way out of his room.

He entered the kitchen and plopped himself on a chair.

His father dropped a stack of pancakes on the table as his mother looked up from the newspaper.

“something the matter, sweetheart?” She asked.

“The Senior Prom is Friday night and I don’t have a date, let alone a dress…” He said as he played with his fork.

“You could always go by yourself…” She said

“Andrea…” Sam’s father said, turning around “Boys don’t go to prom by themselves…”

“My brother did…” She said

“Michael went to an all-boys school.”

“You did…” She retorted.

“Oh, we’re bringing that up again…” her wife said, sitting down. “You had the chicken pox after I’d already bought a dress.”

“I got them from you…”

“Only because YOU wouldn’t take a hint a leave me alone to get better.”

“Dad, mom, stop fighting…” Sam said.

“We’re not fighting, dear.” His father said, “This is your mother’s idea of romantic banter…”

“Is it working?”

“I don’t know, honey.” He said “You look a little feverish… might need to take a day.”

“OK… Ew… gross…” Sam said, shifting in his seat.

Sam’s older sister Jen entered the room.

“Well, there’s sleeping beauty…” She said, patting him on the head.

“Knock if off, asshole.” He retorted.

“Come on, baby brother” She said “You need to lighten up…”

“Jen, leave your brother alone…” Their mother said

“Ok… ok…” she said “Not my fault the boy can’t get a girlfriend…”

“Shut UP!” Sam said.

“Jen… Get going or you’re going to be late for class.”

“Right…” she said. She walked over to their father and gave him a kiss before patting their mother on the shoulder as she headed for her car.

Sam HATED his older sister. It’s often said boys know how to hold a grudge… but Sam’s dislike of Jen was in a league all its own.

Captain of the Jumpball team. High school Valedictorian. Dating a model. A 4.0 GPA. Accepted into one of the most prestigious law schools ever for next year. She was Mister Perfect.

Literally the only thing Jen didn’t excel at was leaving the nest.

What did Sam have? He was a cheerleader. In the back of the bunch, where it was hard to see from the field and from the stands.

He finished off his flapjacks and went upstairs to finish getting ready.

He showered and then put his school uniform on. He hated going to prep school. He hated the pleated skirt the boys had to wear. Boys going to public schools could wear what they wanted. It had to be below freezing for the school to consider letting the boys wear pants. Four years in the school and he’d only worn pants once.

He looked at himself in the mirror. He bushed a stray strand of his long, red hair out of his eyes.

“I’m pretty, aren’t I?” He thought to himself.

His hair was long and shiny. His legs shapely. His breasts were a nice size. They weren’t the watermelons his father had, but they we’re small ether.

what next?

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