One Owned Sister

One Owned Sister

Your sister gets owned into becoming a dirty cum dumpster for anyone and anything

Chapter 1 by One37 One37

Katy is your 20 year old sister. Standing at 5 foot, shes slim, with perky C cup tits, a round big ass, with a cute innocent face. She is in a relationship with John and isnt one to cheat. She is as fit as they come, could be a model, flat stomach which perfectly displays her not large, but not small tits, while her ass is a huge asset.

Dave is a little younger at 18 and always had a lust for her, he has wanted to fuck her as bad as he wanted to see her get fucked. This has because shes always been a little tease, walking round the house in little clothes, like thongs so he can see her ass bounce up and down with her footsteps and leaving dirty underwear everywhere.

Tom is Dave’s best mate. He is a complete virgin who’s only ever kissed a couple girls before. Although he’s never said it, Dave knows he wants her. Tom has been caught serveral times with pics of Katy saved on his phone.

Lets Begin

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