My Second Chance

My Second Chance

A Gender Swap Story

Chapter 1 by SophiePert SophiePert

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Have you ever felt stuck? Felt like you were spinning your wheels? Like one mistake you made, so many years ago, set you on a path you never would have chosen?

Have you ever wished you could have a second chance at life?

I did.

One wrong turn on my way home led me down a path that gave me that chance, that opportunity. It let me make that request to the ether, let me slip back through my timeline and take my second chance into my own hands and this time I'm not going to make the same mistakes I did before.

But then I don't know if I'll even have the same opportunities as I did the first time around.

Because I'm back in time now, I'm back in the life I lived right before I messed it all up. I'm back and everything around me feels so familiar except for one thing: the skin that I'm in.

I am a man and I've always been a man, but this body is not. She is delicate and soft and supple and feminine. She is beautiful and powerful and strong. She is everything I ever wanted in a woman, but never wanted to be.

So what the hell am I supposed to do with that?

And how am I supposed to ignore the way it feels to be her, the potent power thrumming through my veins? How am I supposed to do anything when my senses feel like they're on fire, when the slightest brush traces a trail of fire on my skin and stirs thoughts of desire in my brain?

How am I supposed to make a better go of this life, when all I can think about is the thrumming needs of my new body?

I've got my second chance now, back in the life I lived without any of the baggage I've collected along the way. I've got my new body, one that I never wanted but one with undeniable appeal and advantages.

I can take my chances, rushing headlong into doing things I never would have done before. I can avoid all the mistakes I've made, finding new ones along the way.

I can live my second life. I can find my new happiness.

I can make a better go of things now, as her.

As the woman that I was maybe always meant to be.

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