Naked at the dentist

Chapter 1 by jw_wjw jw_wjw

(Adapted from and set in the universe of DonJuan's 2014 classic "Family Dentist". Illustrations courtesy of CrAIyon.)

Melissa was always shy around other people. She hardly ever went out, was extremely meek, and most importantly she was always modest. She took great pains to cover up her DD breasts and matching bottom that she inherited from her mother. While her mother always attracted the guys with her physique, Melissa's baggy sweatpants and hoodies covered her enough that she only went on two dates in her first year of college.

In the summer, of course, baggy clothes would not do, so Melissa always opted for plain white long-sleeved t-shirts and matching floor-length skirts. The only skin she felt like showing was her two feet that she classily put in light sandals to match her summer outfit.

When she got back home from college for the first time, however, she had forgotten to catch up on her dental work, so her father immediately set an appointment with the family dentist, and his good friend, Dr. Jorgensen. Melissa really didn't care much for the avuncular and authoritative Jorgensen, who like her father intimidated her and made her feel insecure about obeying him at every turn.

Little did she know, however, that this dentist visit would be like no other, and that the way she looked at her body would be changed forever.

Where do we start?

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