Lucy and Kyle: Devil and Man

Pride Falls

Chapter 1 by Throne65 Throne65

Kyle yawned as he stretched in his bed. The sun was shining through his window and birds were singing outside. The scene was almost like something out of a sappy Disney princess movie. Then again, consider the wacky life Kyle found himself in, he may as well been living in one. Well, an R-rated, near-porno one anyway.

A few months ago, he had met a gorgeous woman named Lucy Morningstar. It was just a chance encounter on a dating app; something he didn't expect much of when he first signed up. Instead, that night quickly became the craziest in his entire life. He learned that his date was the Devil, the two were accidentally stripped naked by monster hunters, and they ended up streaking around the city looking for assistance from Lucy's various divine friends. In one date, everything he knew about the world had been turned upside-down.

It hadn't been all bad, though. He and Lucy fell hard for each other that night, even before seeing each other naked. The two ended up having sex together before even finding a way out of their mess. The two stayed together afterwards and went on several more dates; some even normal when compared to that night, but not one ending with the two clothed. Never in Kyle's life could he have dreamed his happiest moments would be with the Devil herself.

Kyle's reminiscing gave him an idea. He grabbed his phone and began texting Lucy. "Hey babe. Feeling kind of lonely and nostalgic. What to come over?"

A burst of heat and hellfire came rushing through the floor in front of Kyle's bed. It dissipated almost instantly, leaving a gorgeous redhead with a black handbag and in a red evening dress standing in front of him. Lucy grew her trademark grin and hopped onto the bed. "Hey there, lover."

"You got here fast, huh?" Kyle asked.

"Surprised?" Lucy teased.

The two came together for a kiss. It was their favorite way to wake each other up.

What do the two have in mind for the day?

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