Living with a Vampire

Living with a Vampire

Vampire's New Housemate

Chapter 1 by Kalion Kalion

Your a 27 year old man named John Hamilton that stands at 5'11 weighs 185 pounds with respectable amount of muscle. You have short blond hair and piercing Blue eyes. You are descended from a long line of monster hunters dating back several centuries but were hurt during you last hunt getting hit by a car chasing after a Vampire that was stalking the streets of Boston, Massachusetts. You were severely injured crippling your left-leg, but thanks to a long stay in a rehabilitation facility your able to walk with a cane (that hides a silver sword), but were unable to return to hunting.

Luckily your family gave you enough money to get your new life started, and you found an ad online from a 24-year-old woman named Sara looking for a housemate to help take care of a large Manor in the countryside a few hours drive outside of Boston. You replied to the add and were surprised no one else responded. You asked why, and she told you her ex-boyfriend a man that cheated on her for not putting out named Vladimir scared anyone who was interested away. You used to hunt monsters, so one possessive Ex wasn't going to scare you away.

Without even meeting in person you agreed to move in wanting to get away from the city. Sara was happy to have someone to live with, and help maintain her family's Manor. Part of you felt she agreed just a little too eagerly. However, you figured she wants someone around to help keep her ex from harassing her and wrote it off as nothing.

Now you're waiting at your cousin Lauren's house for her to return from her last hunt. So she can drive you out to the manor. You miss hunting but think that your retirement won't be too dull. At least your moving out of Lauren's guest room and won't have to listen to her stories about your former profession and your ex-girlfriend Mia's status as the next top hunter.

Is Lauren late?

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