In need of money

In need of money

What would you do to get a little cash?

Chapter 1 by AvenX AvenX

You've harbored a lifelong aspiration to attend college, yearning to surpass your older siblings and demonstrate to your family that you're not a disappointment. However, the daunting obstacle of financial strain looms over your dreams, casting doubt on their attainability. Each rejection letter from scholarship applications deepens the sinking feeling in your heart, amplifying the seemingly insurmountable challenge ahead.

As you sit in your room, dejected after another rejection letter, the door creaks open, and your older sister strides in with an air of superiority. She eyes you with a smirk, sensing your vulnerability.

"Still dreaming big, huh?" she taunts, her tone laced with condescension. "But let's face it, little sibling, dreams don't pay the bills. Maybe it's time you accepted reality and stopped wasting your time chasing after something you'll never achieve."

Her words sting like salt on a wound, reopening the raw emotions you've been desperately trying to suppress. You clench your fists, struggling to maintain composure in the face of her mockery.

But as her laughter echoes in the room, something within you ignites – a flicker of determination fueled by defiance. You meet her gaze, your eyes ablaze with newfound resolve. It’s an option of last resort, but you know where you are getting the money you need for college.

Where are you going to get the money?

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