Gender Change: At the Office

Gender Change: At the Office

You receive an unexpected change in job title.

Chapter 1 by Zekar Zekar

You get to the Mega Corp parking lot about five minutes early. It has been less than a month since you joined the company and have been enjoying it so far. You see a few of your coworkers filling into the building most you only know by face.

You get to the lobby and are greeted a new receptionist. She has silken brown hair and wearing a silk blouse with a hint of a lace bra peeking through the fabric. Her ass was clad in a black satin mini skirt.

"Good morning," she says. "It's nice to see you again."

You try to remember her name but just say, "Great to see you too."

You know you've never seen her before, but she genuinely seemed to remember you. With the way she looks like you can't imagine how you'd have forgotten her.

You decide to start the day with...

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What do you do first?

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