A fur virus ravages the lands...

Chapter 1 by zombiekiller530 zombiekiller530

As you are preparing for your day your television flickers on with an emergency broadcast comes on and the tornado siren near your home screams. The emergency broadcast beeps: “Attention citizens stay in doors and lock your windows and doors until further notice, Martial Law is now in effect. Anyone seen trying to leave the city will be detained or forced back into the city through any means necessary.”

There is panic in the streets as stores are looted, people attacked by something that is unknown, possibly other people or animals, and the sound of emergency vehicles scream throughout the city. Hopefully the things attacking people or the people looting do not enter your home and either attack you or steal your possessions. Thankfully your home looks as though it does not hold much value. This is compared to the houses that are down the street from yours toward the main streets.

The town has a few major buildings such as a super store, a grocery store, a hunting store, and a few dealerships scattered through the town. A major research company had also set up town recently that could possibly have medical supplies that you might want to have just in case. You need to develop a plan of action so that you can either survive in this town for a time or manage to get around the blockades around this town. A gun would help you with people who are hostile or even get food from the nearby woods that is full of animals and even other food sources that are around.

Your options are limited to what you can do and you start to assemble what you think you will need to survive. As you pass by a mirror and see the reflection of yourself.

(If you are looking to go straight to the action, go to the infected chapters, patient zero or the Immune. Please give me feedback through either liking the chapter or commenting on it. Thanks, Zombiekiller.)

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