Erica's Great Adventure

Erica's Great Adventure

Erica, a young College girl with the tendency to find herself naked quite alot.

Chapter 1 by Viredae Viredae

This is another story about Erica, the girl who always somehow finds herself getting naked and humiliated, either by happenstance, her friends' scheming, or even her own volition, and today, it'll be all up to you to decide how it will turn out.

Now it is up to you to decide where Erica's latest and biggest fiasco shall start, and it will start in...

Author's note: Feel free to add chapters wherever you like, I'll try and help to build the stories as well.

_Please keep the story as consistent with the events and the general tone of the other Erica stories, if you don't know who Erica is, you can find the rest of her stories on this old group._

You don't need to check with me about posting a chapter, but if you need help or have a question, feel free to ask.

Where does the adventure take place?

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