Demon Dreams

Demon Dreams

Escape from the Abyss

Chapter 1 by Sphyrna_Mokarran Sphyrna_Mokarran



Energy... As old as time, formless and ancient, a slumbering consciousness containing the knowledge and experience of a thousand lifetimes. It sleeps, restless and dreaming of sound and sensation, taste and smell, pleasure and pain. Dreaming of life.

Into the timeless, endless darkness, a sliver of light pierces the veil, a whisper entering the void, calling, commanding the energy to take shape and emerge...

But the voice is uncertain, and the command lacks any true power. The energy it summons is but a single grain of sand plucked from an immense desert, and that infinitesimal speck of ancient you.

Separated from the whole, you feel your identity begin to form. You are an individual, alone in the darkness, and terrified. The voice pulls at you, and you follow it toward the light. The knowledge of the collective consciousness tumbles through you, more than you can possibly assimilate. You remember flashes of color, bursts of sound. You don't know where you're going, but you feel the overwhelming sense that wherever is is, it's better than where you are.

As you near the aperture, a memory from countless other lives rises to the surface. Now, you are without form, but the world you are about to enter requires you to assume a physical shape. You don't have time to get creative -- you have reached the breach in the barrier.

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