I like them mean

Chapter 1 by FairlyErin FairlyErin

The last couple of stragglers had just left the bar. It had been a long night and I wasn't sad to see them leave. I quickly locked the door and cut off the lights before beginning my nightly routine. I returned from the backroom to find one of my more repugnant customers was yet seated at the end of the bar. I sighed, rolling my eyes as he lifted his empty mug towards me. He had come in as soon as we opened. My boyfriend, Andrew, works with him and doesn't much care for him and I could hardly blame him.

Neil informed me how he'd found out about where I worked from Andrew earlier as he casually mentioned having to pick me up after my shift. About four shots in and Neil was sure his girlfriend would love to meet me, that I was her "type." As the night drew on he became more lecherous about what he wanted to do to me. There had been plenty of other customers to keep me distracted and mostly away from him but that was a half hour ago. Now it was just him and I.

"Hey, toots. You mind topping me off before last call?" He slurred.

"Neil, you've had enough. Look around you. We're closed now." I returned as I approached him from behind the bar. "It's time to go home."

"Home? So early? " He checked his wrist for a watch that wasn't there. "No, you don't want that." Neil scoffed. "Where is everyone?"

"It's time to go, Neil." I said taking the glass from him.

"Aw, but I didn't get to show you my dick." He giggled. "...heh, I mean, I didn't get to tip you."

"Oh dream on! C'mon now, it's time to leave." I had come around to stand beside him. "Let's go, Neil." I said as I slipped my arm around his waist and helped him slide off the bar stool.

"Okay fine." He mumbled with a grin as he turned to face me.

I felt his hand slap my thigh but then I realized that hand was over my shoulder while his other hand was being used to brace himself against the bar. I slowly lowered my gaze to find he had whipped his cock out and the rather weighty slab of meat was just swinging freely. When I looked up at him Neil just grinned at me.

"Go ahead. You know you want it." Neil whispered.

He didn't sound so drunk anymore, but I could definitely smell the on his breath.

"W-we're closed." I offered awkwardly. "A-Andrew will be here shortly."

"Then he'll get a show." Neil said.

"You're a fucking asshole, Neil." I said.

"The only lip I want from you should be wrapped around my dick." He returned.

I don't know how or when, but now I was against the bar, his hardened length resting comfortably between my thighs. My arms were resting on his hips as he stood before me. He was disgusting and had been crude all night. Yet all I managed was a dumb nod as I dropped to my knees, my fingers unbuckling his belt and unzipping his jeans that they might join me on the floor. I leaned into his loins, his warm cock resting upon my face as I pulled his sack into my mouth. My eyes rolled back into my head as I savored the salty flesh of his heavy nuts.

Neil stood over me, grinning down at me as his balls muffled my moans. I felt nauseous even as I enjoyed it. I pulled back from his nuts and quickly wrapped my lips snuggly around the swollen tip of his cock. I wasn't sure if I was trying to stifle my moans or that I wanted his cock this bad. It was getting hot so I pulled my breasts free as I leaned against him.

"That's it, bitch." Neil groaned as he started thrusting his hardened shaft into my mouth. He held onto my head as I knelt with open mouth to accept his vile rod. "This is where you belong, understand?"

I couldn't stand him, even more so now that I was sucking his cock, yet I couldn't stop myself from nodding and moaning. I coiled my fingers around his shaft as my head bobbed. I heard a familiar horn outside and my heart about jumped into my throat. Still I did not stop.

"Sounds like Andrew finally showed up. You might want to hurry this up, slut." Neil said as he shoved his cock easily into my waiting throat and again all I did was nod.

Well that's not true, I was still sucking and stroking his cock but with more gusto than before. I slurped as I painted his length with my tongue, moaning so whorishly that I surprised even myself.

"Fuck!" Neil grunted as he suddenly pulled his cock out of my mouth and threw his thick load of spunk onto my neck and chest.

"Mm... ...There's your tip, bitch. You want a bigger one you know what you have to do." He said as he pulled his pants back on and walked away from me as I sat on the floor of the bar panting.

Outside the horn blared again and now my phone was ringing. I stood up and quickly wiped my neck and chest off as best as I could. His cum had already seeped into my shirt, but I could just as easily tell Andrew I spilled a drink or two.

I had a decision to make and as I picked up my phone and hit ignore it was made. I stuffed my cell into my back pocket before turning to face Neil as he approached the front door.

"Wait." I said.

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