Celebrities BLEACHED

Celebrities BLEACHED

Famous people showing their love of White Cock

Chapter 1 by Wingd Knight Wingd Knight

Different people find sexual appeal in different things and ideas. Some like getting tied up, some like to be held softly, others like calling their partner 'Daddy' or 'Mama', some like to be hurt, and others like to do the hurting. This is not about those people. At least, it isn't about the people who like those things by themselves. This is a story about the well known and recognizable people that so many look up to and hold the title of 'role models' that have a very particular desire that could very well kill their career or social standing should it come out. They WORSHIP the white race in regards to all things sexual and want to showcase their devotion to the power of white cock in the most base and pleasurable ways they can.

'Official' vocab meanings that give an idea of what this story is about:

Bleached: Used of women who have experienced white cock. Having felt the strength of her conqueror, non-white cock only disgusts her. Such women will refuse and belittle all nonwhites who attempt to gain her favor. ---- A woman who has declared an official- and proud- preference for white cock.

Hard Bleached: A nonwhite woman who, rather than dedicating herself entirely to white men, cheats regularly on her nonwhite husband or significant other for the purposes of both preventing the continued breeding of inferior colored genes and the joy of humiliating- secretly or openly- an inferior man.

White Fever: A hormonal phenomenon that occurs in both nonwhite and white women caused by the psychological and physical effects that the presence of a superior raced man has on a woman’s brain, resulting in a strong ‘fetish’ and craving for superior white cock.

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