Cave Toads vs Azeroth

Cave Toads vs Azeroth

Heroines versus Toad Cock

Chapter 1 by lknight lknight

Deep, within the swamp of sorrows, energy had begun to gather. With the the attempted summoning of Loa and gods, with the dark portal, all had begun to gather. Not enough for anyone to notice, not at first. The energies were small, and the swamp of sorrows was ultimately considered unimportant. For the Horde, it was hard to defend, and for the alliance... well, what value was a swamp?

When the energies combined, so many were focused elsewhere. With threats that threatened the world itself, a minor gate or two was a mild problem. And that is when they came through. Cave Toads. The bane of their own world, the frog like creatures had begun to get curious. Small expeditions at first. Just enough to see the swamp. See potential threats, and see hiding places. But what caught their attention was the occasional traffic. It was a new world, and with it came new breeders.

Trickling through, they began to establish themselves. Picking off the occasional errant adventuress to breed with. But perhaps that would start to spread, perhaps some would be curious of the energies being produced. And perhaps they might show up. The question was... who?

Who might be interested in strange energies and vanishing adventurers?

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