I Know The Secrets You Keep

Chapter 1 by thosearemysecret thosearemysecret

To the average person, your life is fairly mundane. You have a steady job, a decent home in a lovely suburb, a fairly attractive wife (although her age is starting show), and a daughter about to head off to college. Some would probably say that you're fairly ordinary. Many might even say behind your back "Boy, John Doe is boring." It wouldn't surprise you if someone said such things, because that's exactly what you've wanted people to think for the last six years. Keeping up appearances for at least one more year will mean early retirement, easily paying for your daughter's schooling and a nice reserve of cash that won?t be accounted for if you pull the trigger and finally file for divorce.

That's why the email currently filling your computer screen is making you feel like you might regurgitate a week's worth of food. It's why your palms feel clammy and your face is flushed. And it's definitely why your brain keeps repeating "...fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck..."

"John. I have an envelope. The information in this envelope, if provided to the right people, will likely do the following::

  1. End your marriage.
  2. Cost you your job and career.
  3. Send you to jail for a long time.
  4. Possibly resulting in a hit being taken out on your head.

"I have 15 pages of documents exposing you for selling trade secrets belonging to the company that currently employs you to your competitor, Taylor Techonologics. It appears that receiving these secrets over the last six years has been quite profitable for Mr. Taylor to the detriment of your employer. Thanks to your efforts Mr. Taylor has paid you, as far as I can tell, at least $7 million in cash. I imagine that?s much more, isn't it?

"Mr. Taylor likes and trusts you quite a bit, John, because I see that your point of contact is his wife. You meet her at a clandestine location, she takes whatever it is you've pilfered, and gives you a nice wad of cash. of course, these five photos I have in my possession suggest she's been giving you much more, hasn't she? She's certainly kinky and seems to like it when you're aggressive with her.

"It sure would be unfortunate if Mr. Taylor, who's notorious for not handling his trust being violated, were to see these images. His lovely trophy wife would likely survive some bruising, but you John, will likely end up in a ditch in the desert.

"Here's the deal, you don't know who I am, but you've made my life very fucking difficult. Once I figured out what was going on I spent a great deal of time cleaning up your sloppiness and collecting this material. I've been patiently waiting for the smoking gun that would truly fuck your life and while these documents are dandy it's these photos that are the cherry on top. I'm going to demand 50 percent of every dollar you've made through your transactions, but I don't want it yet. First, we're going to play a game to make up for your bullshit. Starting today, you're my bitch. You'll carry out certain tasks for me and for each one you complete I'll destroy one piece of evidence. If you refuse I turn all of this evidence over to the proper authorities and you better hope and pray you end up in jail before Mr. Taylor gets his hands on you.

"That said, maybe you'd prefer to be someone's bitch in prison over being my bitch. So I'll give you the choice, do you accept or refuse?"

Do you accept or refuse?

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