Becumming the Morgans

Becumming the Morgans

A blended family learns how to get along

Chapter 1 by Bran_Hopewell Bran_Hopewell

It was a fantastic day on Cherry Hill. School had just ended and the Morgan kids had just graduated high school. They were a family that had been together for almost three years now, whether the kids wanted to be or not. The moms of Jack and Lexi had gotten married after they left their husbands for each other. Jack's mom, Nikki, worked in banking and always appeared very straight-laced and proper, while Lexi's mom, Jess, was more of a wild child, sporting tattoos and a different hair color each week. Both moms were committed to their families and loved the blended family they had created very much.

Jack and Lexi were another story. While they didn't fight in the house, they were constantly at each other's throats at school; not enough to get into trouble, but definitely enough that it was widely known that they didn't like each other. They weren't in each other's social circles to begin with and then being thrust together into a family created a lot of friction.

To top that off, Lexi usually had her friend, Taylor, at the house and she wore as little as possible, flaunting her tanned skin and playing with her bleach-blonde hair as a nervous habit. Word around school is that she banged the entire football team after they won homecoming, and then ate all of the cheerleaders, just to show her gratitude for the fantastic win. She stayed in great shape, very admittedly to be "as fuckable as possible" and to be in perfect condition to "take any cock or eat any pussy at any given second."

Lexi's other friend, Hunter was more Jack's speed. They hung out in some of the same circles and she always hung out with the nerds and gamers. She had brushed off so many advances from them that rumors were circulating that she was a lesbian. Hunter did nothing to dispel those rumors since it kept the guys at bay, but secretly she was in just as good of shape as Taylor, but she went to great lengths to hide it. Her copper hair was kept in messy buns most of the time and dyed brown to conceal her flame-red locks. She exercised profusely, but only at home, and then she hid her body in oversized clothes, always careful and conscious of what she may or may not be putting on display.

Lexi kept pace with Taylor but didn't get nearly as much action. She enjoyed showing off her body as well and had been repromanded several times at her job at Cherry Hill Station and at school for showing off way too much skin. She's got a sharp tongue in conversations and always secretly had a crush on Jack but she has also always loved her mom's taste in men and women, especially with Nikki.

Finally, Jack was living in a hell. His new sister, whom he had always had a lust-fueled crush on, was walking around half naked most of the time. His new mother was walking around half naked almost all of the time. His mom was thankfully clothed most of the time, but after almost three years, even that was a turn on because she had become the lusty allure of what was hidden underneath those layers of fabric. Lexis friends were sluts or demure, both of which turned Jack on more than he'd ever admit. He was living in a virtual Penthouse Forum Letter and he couldn't touch any of the women, and the ones he could, didn't want anything to do with him. Jack took good care of himself and was in Cross Country.

With summer finally here, there was a constant barrage of flesh on display in the Morgan house. It was warm enough outside to wear next to nothing, but not hot enough to merit turning on the A/C. Jack was in the basement of the two-story house, playing Mario Kart while Lexi was upstairs. Taylor and Hunter had already showed up and it wasn't even 9 am yet. He could hear them giggling through the vents of the house.

Part of Jack's mind was wondering what they were talking about, part was trying to concentrate on the game, and another part of Jack had been at attention since seeing Taylor walk right in and through the kitchen wearing only a light blue sundress, and knowing her, nothing under it. Jack wasn't the only person who noticed, and Jess gave Taylor an even dirtier, more lustful look than Jack did, her gaze averting only after Nikki cleared her throat. Aside from the girls talking in Lexi's room, he could hear that his moms were talking, but couldn't quite make it out. He hoped that they were talking about Taylor, but he couldn't be sure...and he was having a hell of a time focusing on the race.

What are the girls up to?

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