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Chapter 2 by jmce jmce

Where did he wake up?

Scattopalis (scat warning)

I smelt something, it was a terrible smell but for what ever reason, I actually liked it and was aroused by it. I started to wake up "Hey look, hes waking up." I heard someone say. I noticed something weighing on my chest, my eyes went straight for it when they finally opened. "Hope you don't mind me on you." said a man laying on top of me.

He and I were laying in a bed and I asked "Who are you, where am I?" ignoring the weirdness of my situation, for now "The names Kyle, and your in mine and my boyfriends house." "Boyfriend...Damn, I was on my way to see Love and got knocked out." I said remembering what happened to me "That's pretty common for guys like you." said a man covered in some brown stuff and reeking of that terrible but good smell.

"What...what is that stuff you covered in?" I asked "Oh, me and Kyle just got done using each other as toilets." he responded "Wha...wha...what do you mean?" I asked confused "We crapped, and pissed on each other." it took me a minute to process what they said, but when I did I quickly pushed Kyle and moved back saying "What the hell is wrong with the two of you?"

"Nothing, we should be asking you that after a reaction like that." said the boyfriend "You two crapped on each other and then you were laying on me. I don't care about your weird fetish but you shouldn't be laying on someone after doing something like that." I answered back "Your the guy complaining about getting a little shit on you when your in Scattopalis. If you weren't welling to get dirty with it you shouldn't have come to this city." replied the boyfriend

"Scat...Scattop...alis, what are you talking about?" I asked "You really don't know?" asked the boyfriend "Look out the window." I, reluctantly, did as the boyfriend said and looked out the window. Out of it I saw people crapping and having sex in public, and the two normally were together "What the...what the hell is this place?" I asked "Your one weird dude." said the boyfriend "Wait I bet hes one of those guys from a world with "wemen." said Kyle "You know your probably right." responded the boyfriend.

Do we go to explanations or skip that part?

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