Transported to Homo-World

No woman, no problem

Chapter 1 by jmce jmce

My name is Dick and this is the story of when I ended up in Homo-World, the adventures I had there and how it ended.

It started a normal enough day, I woke up, took a shower, brush teeth etc. It was Sunday and I had nothing planned when Love called and asked "Hey, you have anything planned?" "Honey, it's Sunday. The only thing anyone ever plans on Sunday is church, and I'm not religious." "You don't have to snap at me." responded Love "Sorry, its just that, there is never anything to do on Sunday. The only day I hate more is Monday." I explained.

"Well I have a good idea." said Love "Why don't you come over to my house for some... action." "DONE!" I answered a little to enthusiastic "You little horn dog." Love laughed "Of course that is one of my favorite traits about you." Love hung up. I got a couple of minor things done and then headed out to see my lover. But on my way there I got hit by a...a...something, I never saw what it was, and woke up...

Where did he wake up?

More fun
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