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Chapter 18 by Nref Nref

Does he give in or does he continue to resist Regina's advances?

He breaks.

Matt's day continues in the same way that it started with Regina's presence being felt everywhere in his apartment no matter how much he tries to escape it. His phone has been tampered with as well as his laptop, all of it designed to remind of *her* and her girlcock. After hearing Regina's voice in the shower he doesn't even quite dare to go to the bathroom anymore, fearful of slipping under her spell.

Unable to escape her presence at home yet having nowhere else to go Matt actively tries to do anything he can to distract himself. Somehow there seems to be a picture or reminder of Regina no matter where he looks or what he he does. Yet he soldiers on, trying to focus on anything but her erotic presence or the calm sensation of slipping under her control.

Despite his struggle his cock twitches and throbs involuntary with every time another picture of her appears, another picture of her on the phone or whenever her voice seems to come out of nowhere telling him to give in to her.

As the hours drag on and the day turns into evening Matt feels so very alone as reality sets in. He's lost his job, he's miles and miles away from his family, he doesn't know anyone in the city and without a job he can't pay the bills. All of it because of him being lured into Club XXX last night.

His world crumbling all around him and feeling increasingly desperate Matt latches onto the only constant in his rapidly changing world. Namely Regina. As evening turns into night Matt is seated in front of his laptop, consuming every lick of content regarding Regina on the clubs website, staring long and hard at her pictures as he jacks off his cock.

Somehow he just can't find release, can't *cum* as Regina's indoctrination makes itself known, stipulating only she can satisfy him and it seems she's taken control of his very orgasms. Trying to break her hold helooks at all the pictures of her, reads all her messages and even goes into the bathroom, hoping to hear her voice to no avail as the bathroom is utterly silent.

Disheartened a buzzing on his phone refocuses his attentions and after having read it he grabs the envelope with the bracelet and bursts out of the apartment eager for any sort of stability in his life. Even if it's at the end of Regina's dripping girlcock and with her seizing control his life, after all he cannot seem to handle it himself and letting her do the thinking for him before was a calm and pleasant experience, doing what he was told he could do no wrong.

The message? It read as follows. 'I'm at the club now. You know what to do..'

Matt? He is running down the street at breakneck speeds, his eyes tearing up at his emotional breakdown and the only thing on his mind is his submission to Regina and her cock.

Matt is rushing to the club. Does he finally submit to Regina?

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