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Chapter 2 by Derpy09 Derpy09

Who are you?

An half-elf bard named Faldrin Zynkalin

You are a male half-elf with black hair and strange red eyes. You are a bard, you are learning to use magic through your music. You enjoy money, women and getting what you want, but you don't want to cause to much trouble to get it, so you can be considered Neutral Evil.

You have long been enraptured by your foster father's countless tales, though not so much for the content as for the art of the telling. Blessed by a world of books, you have surrounded yourself with the ancient legends and endless lore, and developed quite a skill for showmanship. One of the cooks has become quite fond of you and, between recitations of often bawdy poems and songs, has provided you with somewhat haphazard voice instruction. Gorion, in his kindness and wisdom, has been urging you to find another teacher before you ruin your voice for good.

You have developed some abilities in theft and sneaking around, which you used for some small theft with your childhood friend Imoen. While you are quite selfish and never give back what you took if you weren't caught, you never had really bad intentions.

You always dreamt about beign like the heroes of your favourite stories like Drizzt and Elminster, but you tought they could have been more selfish, had more prizes from their quests, enjoying the women they saved... and they defeated.

You are preparing to leave with your foster father for you don't know how long.

How are you preparing for leaving?

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