Workplace adventures

Workplace adventures

The sexual tension in this office is always high

Chapter 1 by lexist lexist

I had just been transferred to a new department at work. I'd come up with a new idea, and the big wigs liked it, so I'd been given the somewhat staggering task of actually leading the project.

Along with the new responsibilities came a new office in another part of the building. I decided to get a head start and came in early to move my stuff over into my new office. As I carried my things, I looked around hoping to see who I would be working with, but all I saw was a lot of windowless offices, some with doors closed some open, but no one in sight. I was a little disappointed, but I continued on towards my office. Just then, I thought I heard a click from somewhere behind me. I quickly glanced over my shoulder, but couldn't tell where the sound had come from. I shrugged my shoulders and headed into my office.

An hour or so later I was just putting the finishing touches on my office when my office phone began ringing. I was so startled after the quiet morning I'd had so far, that I knocked several books off the shelf I was organizing. I fumbled for the phone, but by the time I'd answered it there was nothing but dial tone.

I turned around, knelt down and began grabbing the books I'd knocked over.

"Oh! You are here!" I raised my head to see who had caught me crawling around on the floor of my new office and was greeted with a close up view of one of the best pair of legs I had ever seen. Toned yet feminine, smooth bare skin that just kept going up and up.

Just as my eyes were about to see just how far up the view went, the legs' owner spoke again and my eyes jerked up to a stunningly beautiful face, "I just called and didn't get an answer, so I came over to leave you a note."

Words were failing me as I took in my unknown visitor's sparkling blue eyes and short, stylish blond hair, while trying very hard not glance down and get caught looking at what I'm sure would have been a very memorable upskirt view, "Ummm… ahhh ..the phone… scared me, I mean, I was startled. I made a mess." I looked back down at the books on the floor, hoping she'd understand what I was taking about.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were afraid of phones."

There was a bit of lightness in my mystery blonde's voice that made think she was teasing me, I looked back up with what I'm sure would have been a witty response on the tip of my tongue, but when I saw the deep cleavage only inches away from my eyes, my mouth just hung open.

"Sorry, I scared you, I'll help you clean up the mess."

My sexy visitor was kneeling down next to me leaning over and gathering books. As she cleaned, I couldn't help but stare at the impressive expanse of skin jostling around as she cleaned. I could see her black bra down her black button up blouse covering what looked to be firm but natural C cups.

She finished collecting an armload of my books and began to stand up. I quickly looked down and tried to look busy, hoping I hadn't been caught staring. I quickly finished gathering the rest of the books and stood up and placed them on my desk.

"Well now that we have that taken care of, let me welcome you to our department, I'm Sara," finally I had a name to go with the beautiful face. "I've been told, to put myself at your disposal, so to speak. When you finish getting yourself settled in give me a call." Sara scribbled her number on a Post-It and stuck it on one of the books on my desk. "That is if you can overcome your fear of phones." With that she grinned, turned around and walked out of my office. I couldn't help but watch her tight ass swing back and forth as she strutted away.

** This story is now being tested and written with the game mode in mind. Some of the pathways may not always make sense without game mode on. If you're in game mode and something doesn't seem right let me know, it's a little hard to be sure of all the possible paths.

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