Who gets to rule?

Who gets to rule?

Watch a lot of people fail until finally one claims it all...or does he?

Chapter 1 by Long John Silver Long John Silver

It was a few years ago when her husband suddenly died. Since then Gabriella tried her best to move on and change things, also regarding her sex life. She and her husband developed some strange fetishes over the years, especially hypnosis. She had sex every now and then, but it was simply not the same. The thrill was missing. Once you give in to that amazing fetish you can never really go back, no matter how much you try. And today Gabriella decided to go back to it. Because today was when her son had a sleepover with two of his friends. One of the things she and her husband experimented with was working on each other’s boundaries. They even did it through hypnotic conditioning. So, with time Gabriella developed quite some different tastes and now her appetite developed towards something specific. Young slim and hairless bodies. Shy and nervous personalities. And how she loved being dominant. She tried her best to get her mind of those weird thoughts until she once thought of hypnotizing her son to help him out with concentration problems he had in school. From there on the phantasies developed and she could not keep them out anymore. Tonight, she would have all of it and so much more.

She was nervous. An hour ago, she gave her son Billy a video to watch with his friends. It was an action movie, but it was full of subliminal messages to weaken the brain followed by a spiral half way through the movie. This method was more mind control then hypnosis, but she did not want to make a mistake. A few minutes ago, she stopped hearing sounds from Billy’s room. Did it work? She opened the door and to her delight she saw three zoned out teenage boys staring at the spiral. She walked over to the remote, said "monkey, seven, feather" and turned off the tv. This combination of words needed to be spoken in order to shift the attention from the tv towards her. This was one of the subliminal messages and was supposed keep a person from being hypnotized accidently. If someone watched the video accidently, then for example the plumber that happened to be nearby would not be able to abuse the hypnotized person. Once the video would be over they would just come back out of the trance.

G: "Stand up and get in line facing me, boys!"

And just like that they did. Chad on the left, Tim on the right and Billy was in between them. Looking at them like this Gabriella realized that they pretty much looked the same. Although they all turned 18 over the last couple of months, their bodies surprisingly seemed a bit underdeveloped. And as far as she knew they did not really have that much experience when it comes to girls.

G: "Take all your clothes off except for your underwear."

All three took off their clothes until they were left in their undies, classic white briefs. Every one of them had a small bulge hiding their little dicks.

G: "Let´s see if there is really no difference between you. Now little boys pull down your underwear to your knees and leave it there."

Gabriella was waiting for this for so long. It was like Christmas. Unpacking presents included. She was filled with joy when she saw those limp penises. She brought her face closer to them, constantly having a smile on it. From left to right she carefully inspected them. Watching them from both sides, cupping the balls softly and lifting them up a bit just to watch them fall down a short distance and using a finger to raise their little noodles up only to let them drop as well. Just like the rest of the bodies all three of their penises looked pretty much the same, just an inch in length with small balls beneath. Now was the moment of truth.

G: "Ok boys, salute to me and get as hard as you can!"

They raised their hands and cocks to salute to their mistress. Gabriella made some small jumps while joyfully clapping into her hands. Seeing those little penises grow hard instantly just because she commanded it made her so incredibly wet, but again she took it slow. She took the ruler of her son from his table and measured each one of them. Finally, there was a difference in their bodies. Chads dick was 5 inches long and Tim was close behind with about 4 inches. Her own son Billy on the other hand was just a mere 2,5 inches long. Good thing he was zoned out, otherwise Gabriella would have had to contain her laughter. She loved her son and wanted the best for him of course, but truth is that his little dicklette just looked ridicules. It looked more like a toy for a baby than an actual dick. Again, she felt a huge rush of excitement by just thinking about all the possibilities. Gabriella was almost mesmerized just by looking at those little dicks and thinking of all the fun she would have. She was in small penis heaven and she loved it. But for now, she had to shake that feeling off in order to continue with her plan. She took out the razor and foam she brought and went to work.

What's next?

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