Watching Mom's Dark Adventure

Watching Mom's Dark Adventure

Naughty mother gets it on

Chapter 1 by jjsmith jjsmith

Your name is Jim. Your not really special in anyway or shape imaginable. 18 years old, you are just about six feet tall. Plain brown hair, not to long, not to short. Your build is ok, there are some pockets of fat scatter around your body, but there is some muscle under that. In school you were a C student and you didn't play any sports or join any clubs, if anything you were a loner. The only special thing about you was your smoking hot mom. Kathy is a hotter than the goddess of love. She is drop dead sexy. Only 36 years old your mom is a walking wet dream. Shoulder length brownish, red hair and green eyes. She is the essence of voluptuous, with huge DD breasts, wide hips with a fat, yet extremely tone, white ass. She still has thick muscular thighs from working out at the gym. All your friends want a piece of that.

Were do we start?

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