VRMMO Exposure

VRMMO Exposure

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Chapter 1 by ElvenStrider ElvenStrider

The year is 2042, Virtual reality, which first started getting really popular in the mid 2010s, has grown exponentially, almost every major game comes out in VR these days, and the technology has advanced greatly, you no longer have to worry about kicking your desk.. or breaking a lamp, or anything of the sort, now you can simply lay in a pod and be directly put in the game while your body sleeps, at least you can if you have the money, for those not rich enough, they can buy a cheaper headset, it has the same functions, but you cant stay inside as long, and gets rather itchy.

Kate Callaway is 25, she has long red hair, is moderately sized, decent figure, and a cute, freckle covered face. She just moved in to her own apartment, roughly furnished, but she did buy a VR-Pod instead of a bed, and is dying to try it out with the newest MMO on the market, Hero's Summit . Pumped to get started, she hops in the pod and awakens in another world.


I did not realize how difficult it was to try to make a world like this, just coming up with names for towns and NPCs in the future is quite difficult, and ill have to think of quite a few in the future, if anyone would like to help bring the world to life with character names and locations(even future quests or such you might want to see, feel free to message me or comment on any chapter, ill reply or at least take it in mind.)

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