Unusual Hostesses

Supermodel servants

Chapter 1 by mattpantyhose mattpantyhose

Every girl wants to become a model at some point of her life; the beautiful clothes, the admiration of the public, the graceful catwalks - there is something undeniably attractive about that occupation (as is the money) and most of it can be true. Gigi and Bella Hadid could confirm that assumption, just as they could say a word or two about the cons and hardship. But that topic has been covered well enough, what has not been are rare and unique commissions that are not exactly bad, but also not something one would brag about. The beautiful sisters had just that kind of job.

The employer was a man in his late fifties who insisted to be called simply Ben. He was a relatively short man and not exactly handsome, but took good care of himself and remained in good shape. He was also wealthy and influential, the kind of person to whom it is always beneficial to say ‘yes’. But Ben was also quite eccentric and that feature was seriously impactful on the requirements specified in the contract. The Hadid sisters read the documents carefully twice before eventually signing it, their hearts beat a bit faster from excitement and uncertainty after they did so. They were supposed to play a role of someone between a guest and a hostess at a party; this does not sound THAT weird, but the details of the service were… well… eccentric.

On the day of the party Ben sent a limousine with a chauffeur to pick up Bella and Gigi, so they would arrive earlier and prepare themselves. For the ride they put on just simple light dresses and sneakers, the ‘work clothes’ were provided by the employer.

Ben and his wife Jacqueline lived in a huge luxurious mansion with equally large garden, all surrounded by a stone wall. The hosts welcomed the sisters friendly, but after greetings Ben went after his own business, it was Jacqueline’s role to help the girls with preparations.

Jacqueline was a trophy wife turned true love, she had been in her early twenties when she married Ben and now twenty years later they were a happy loving couple. Despite her age she still had most of the qualities that had made her the a successful trophy wife. As a former model herself she was only few centimetres shorter than the Hadid sisters, her body was still in wonderful shape, a bit more athletic than in her youth, but still slender and genuinely attractive. Only her C-cup breasts needed the aid of a surgeon to remain firm; her hair was still long, wavy and retained its original ginger hue. She was dressed in a casually elegant dress and ten centimetre heels which made her slightly taller than Gigi and Bella in their flats.

“Hello girls” the hostess had a warm friendly voice “I’m so glad you agreed to take this job. We’re going to have so much fun together.”

The sister rose their eyebrows, the contract did not mention Jacqueline at any point, but they were not worried, this beautiful amicable woman seemed to be like a cool aunt that some have in their families; except that she was hot.

The hostess lead Bella and Gigi into the mansion and there to a large wardrobe which, among other things, contained a luxurious dressing table.

“All right, girls, take off your dresses. I got your outfits ready, but we need to do something before you put them on, don’t we?” having said that Jacqueline took out two anal plugs from one of the drawers.

This was the first ‘unusual’ aspect of the job, the Hadid sisters had agreed to it, but remained unsure. They obviously were not anal virgins, but wearing a sex toy in public was a completely different matter. Especially since the plugs were designed to be seen - they were small and would not cause much discomfort, but had bright sparkly jewels on their external side, red on Bella’s toy and golden on Gigi’s.

The sisters stripped and bent over, so Jacqueline could insert the plugs into their anuses, of course she took great care that there was sufficient lubrication. When the toys were settled in place the girls straightened up and the hostesses handed them their outfits; although that might be too big of a word. The Hadid sisters would be wearing nothing but bodystockings and high heels. Gigi’s bodystocking was white and embroidered with a pattern that resembled a whole set of lingerie - bra, panties, suspenders and stockings; the parts where the skin was supposedly exposed were made of tiny fishnet. The panties part was dense enough to cover Gigi’s crotch, but the shiny jewel on her back was clearly visible; her ample breasts were not sufficiently covered either, the bra pattern was not dense enough to hide them properly.

Bella’s bodystocking was black and covered in an irregular floral pattern which followed similar principles as that of her sister, at least in the ‘strategic’ regions - it covered the crotch but revealed the anus and breasts by simply not being dense enough. Both sister wore pattern heels on a twelve centimetre heels, the colours matched their anal plugs.

As the Hadid sister were putting on their clothes Jacqueline began to strip, noticing their questioning looks she explained:

“You thought you’d be the only ones dressed like that? I am the hostess after all you’re my co-hostesses. We’re doing it together.”

The woman had a red patterned bodystocking, a green jewelled anal plug and equally green heels, the only difference was the size of her toy - it was significantly larger.

“Your scared looks are amusing, girls. Don’t worry about me, everything is a matter of practice.”

She was equally generous with the lubricant for herself and then slid the toy inside with ease. When they were dressed and equipped Jacqueline proceeded to do the makeup, it was flashy but not bimboish, more like a work of art that can often be seen on models. The most prominent elements were long eyelashes and lipstick, the latter matched the colour of the other details of the outfit - Bella’s was red, Gigi’s - golden and Jacqueline’s - green.

“You are so beautiful, girls. Our guests will be enamoured with you” the hostess’ voice sounded sweet and genuine when she praised them.

“Thank you” replied Gigi with a wide friendly smile “you look beautiful too.”

“I’m glad that we’re all wearing matching outfits” added Bella “but I’m still thinking about that butt plug of yours…”

“ You want a bigger one yourself?” asked Jacqueline with a wink.

“No no thank you! This one is enough.”

“Maybe later…” added Gigi with a mischievous smile.

“There’s still some time before the party starts…” the hostess’ voice changed from soft to sultry.

Jacqueline leaned towards Gigi, one of her hands gently landed on the blonde’s hip and from there slid towards the buttock, the other softly grabbed her firm breast. The hostess lightly groped the girl as she pressed her lips to the blonde’s. Gigi had little experience with other girls, but the kiss was not aggressive, so she returned it. Their lips parted soon, Jacqueline’s hands retreated and she moved to Bella who had been standing idly and observing the spectacle unfolding in front of her. The hostess did the same thing with the other sister.

“You taste as sweet as you look, girls.”

Both Gigi and Bella blushed at the unusual compliment.

“I’m sure that you remember that you’re supposed to provide entertainment among other things. Maybe you should practice right now, it should be easier in front of a smaller audience.”

The Hadid sisters remembered well about said ‘entertainment’, Ben had emphasized that part clear enough. It probably was not worse than wearing anal plugs in public, so both girls looked at each other for a short while, then moved closer and kissed. It was not just a short familial muah, but a long sensual kiss, not an overly passionate one, but it clearly contained genuine love. They held their hands on the other one’s shoulder and hip, so it was a semi-dance pose. When their lips eventually parted they continued to look each other in the eye and turned their heads only when Jacqueline spoke:

“That was beautiful, you girls are so natural. Maybe you could move your palms a little bit over your bodies. They’re so sexy it would be a shame not to explore them.”

So the sisters kissed again, this time their hands ventured leisurely over the other one’s body, from the hip to the buttocks, from the shoulder to the breast; they groped each other gently, then moved to another location. Eventually the kiss ended and the girls stepped slightly away from each other but their gazes again remained locked.

“Marvelous!” Jacqueline almost clapped her hands “you’re so genuine. I love you girls and so will all the guests. Come on, let’s make a little show for Ben.”

Bella and Gigi obediently followed their hostess, holding hands as they went.

Ben was obviously happy to see the girls in their new outfits, but was a more reserved person than his wife, so his reaction was not nearly as enthusiastic. The host was ten centimetres shorter than the sisters, so with the addition of their heels he had eyes at about the level of their breasts.

“You two are a marvelous sight” he said in a calm voice as he gently laid his palms on their hips and examined their bodies up close.

“The girls have a little show for you, darling” added Jacqueline.

“You do? Please go on.”

Ben stepped backwards to give them space, he stood by his wife and placed his hand on her buttocks, he fingered her anal plug as they both watched the sisters.

Gigi and Bella turned to each other and leaned for another kiss, as their lips met their hands once again began to explore each other’s bodies. This time the kiss was longer and more sensual, their palms were more adventurous too. When they eventually broke the kiss Ben was no longer as reserved.

“Beautiful! The party hasn’t even began yet and you’ve already exceeded my expectations. I’m so glad you agreed to come. Let’s go out, I’ll show you the place”.

He took the sister for a short route around the gardens; everything had already been prepared, the tables, the food, the drinks, the servants discreetly awaiting commands. It was clear that Gigi and Bella had not been invited to serve drinks, even though the contract used the word ‘hostess’. Their role would be to provide company, serve as eye candy and offer the kind of entertainment they had just practiced inside. As Ben lead the Hadid sisters through his mansion he was a bit more touchy than would be appropriate in other circumstances, but in this particular job was acceptable. More than once his palm travelled from hip to buttock and from there to the thigh; the height disparity meant that his hands focused more on the lower areas of the girls’ bodies.

Eventually the first guests began to arrive, Jacqueline, Ben, Gigi and Bella all welcomed them. The greetings were exuberant, each guest had to not only shake hands but also kiss all of the hosts on both cheeks; when greeting with one of the three ladies, nearly all guests, male or female, placed one of their palms on the hostesses’ buttocks, many even groped them gently. The Hadid sisters simply followed Jacqueline in their behaviour, smiled and let it all happen. Numerous compliments were paid to them as well as to their employer’s wife.

All of the women who arrived were dressed in glamorous gowns, every one more or less revealing, but neither of the outfits were nearly as exposing as the bodystockings the hostess wore. Yet nobody pointed out that fact directly, they just praised their bodies with words, eyes and hands.

The greetings lasted pretty long, but ultimately all of the guests arrived and entered the mansion. Bella and Gigi were obviously used to getting attention, but despite their modelling experience they were still strangely excited. All the people behaved so freely and naturally, but were they aware of the anal plugs? They would notice them soon enough without any doubts.

The guests went to the garden where they were offered soft drinks for the starts. Before the company dissolved into smaller groups Jacqueline announced:

“Can I please have your attention? Our special guests, the lovely sisters, agreed to join us and bring youth and beauty with them. They would like to present you with a little spectacle. Girls…”

Gigi and Bella blushed; they knew what they were supposed to do and did not feel all that shy, but the sheer novelty of the experience was enough to make them excited, but there was also the taboo aspect…

The Hadid sisters turned to face each other and moved closer, so that their faces were mere centimetres from one another. They closed their eyes and slowly leaned for a kiss, as their lips met their hands began to explore each other’s bodies. The kiss was slow and sensual, but the passion was real and growing gradually. Their hands were gently caressing the nylon covered skin of their backs. Eventually their lips parted and the sisters opened their eyes, their gazes remained locked and they did not step away from each other; the audience remained silent. Then Bella and Gigi leaned for a kiss once more; this time it was more passionate from the very beginning, the girls even used the tongues although the audience could not see that.

Gigi’s hands went for her sister’s buttocks, Bella raised one of her legs and wrapped it around the other girl’s waist. Gigi used one hand to support the risen thigh and the other to grope her sister’s booty, she even sent it between the cheeks and pressed the plug. One of Bella’s hands was wrapped around her sister’s back but the other also groped a buttock.

This kiss continued until both girls run out of air; when their lips finally parted both were breathing heavily and their cheeks were red. The audience began to clap and cheep; the Hadid sisters turned towards the guests, grabbed their hands and curtsied. When they straightened up Jacqueline gestured for them to turn around and bow instead of curtsying, they quickly understood her intentions. Gigi and Bella turned their backs to the guests and bowed, in other circumstances this would have been considered rude, but that was a unique audience and the bow had a specific purpose. The sisters could not see that Jacqueline moved closed to them and bent over as well, the guests could admire all three of the sparkling jewels.

But Bella and Gigi were not supposed to remain in the center of attention the entire time. After the bowing and clapping finished the party continued in its normal course. The Hadid sisters were introduced by Jacqueline to two couples and joined them while the hostess went to entertain other guests.

“That was marvelous, girls” said an attractive middle aged woman named Christine “you’re not only the embodiment of beauty and grace, but you’re also brave and passionate. The genuity and sensuality of your love made me want to go and join you right there. ”

“Thank you, you’re being too kind” Bella was slightly overwhelmed by the volume of compliments.

“That’s Christine’s usual introduction to a request” added her husband Peter with a wink.

“Oh please shut up, darling, will you? But I do indeed have a small request.”

“We’re here to please” replied Gigi with a smile.

“Could one of you, please, get behind the other one, kiss her neck and grab her breasts?”

Two hours ago that would sounded preposterous to the sisters, but after the recent show they simply could not decline the request.

Gigi and Bella looked each other in the eye and decided on the roles without saying a single word. The younger sister got in the back and wrapped her arms around the other girl’s body. Steve, the husband from the other couple, did the same to his wife Jenna; she was about thirty, around fifteen years younger than her spouse, but most of all was wearing a gown with extremely deep cleavage that nearly completely revealed her huge F-cup breasts. As Bella pressed her lips to Gigi’s neck and placed her palms on her firm large breasts Steve did something similar, but he was not as gentle with his hands and kept his eyes locked on the sisters. Bella kissed Gigi’s long slender neck from bottom to top and softly massaged her breasts; her hands slowly roamed over her sisters full globes, she gently squeezed them several times. Steve was possessively groping his wife’s breasts and neither of them cared that they had fully gotten from underneath the thin fabric of the dress.

Gigi’s breathing was getting faster as her sister’s lips caressed her neck and her hands did the same to her breasts. She would have never imagined that it could feel so pleasant, audience or not.

After enjoying the sensual spectacle for a short while Peter moved behind Bella, placed his palm on her buttock and began to caress it as gently as she behaved with Gigi’s breasts; soon her breathing sped up as well.

Eventually Bella took her hands and lips from her sister’s body and stepped aside, Peter returned to his wife.

“Pete will tell you that I’m exaggerating, girls” Christine was the first to speak “but I’m not. You are the most beautiful sight I have ever observed and believe me I’ve seen a lot of beauty in my life. Nothing was as genuine and sensual as the two of you.”

“This time you are NOT exaggerating, darling” clarified Peter.

The Hadid sisters would have blushed if their faces were not red already. A hushed “Thank you” was all they managed to say.

Jenna’s huge breasts were still fully exposed, even though Steve had stopped playing with them. It was him who spoke next:

“How about you join forces on these” he pointed to his wife’s chest “there’s enough for four hands”.

Bella and Gigi were not that interested in other women’s breasts, but they had to admit that Jenna’s looked tempting and the overall atmosphere of the party as well as all the new experiences made it nearly impossible to refuse any of the awkward requests.

There was indeed plenty for four hands. The sisters were no experts, but Jenna’s marvelous breasts looked fully natural, she was clearly proud of them and loved to brag, to say the least. Gigi took the left breast into her hands and Bella held the right one, they began to caress and fondle them; Jenna was pushing her chest proudly outwards. Peter and Christine quickly joined the fun; they not only wanted to take a look up close, but also get their hands busy, but instead of breasts they put them on the Hadid sisters’ buttocks. Once again this was not an aggressive groping, so the touch felt somewhat less invasive and to a certain extend pleasant.

“Go ahead” encouraged Jenna “don’t be so shy. I can see you like it, show these babies just how much.”

That was enough encouragement for Bella and Gigi, their touches became more decisive, their hands braver and soon they were even playing with the woman’s nipples. Peter’s and Christina’s touches also changed, but remained more on the gentle side and never crossed the line between caressing and groping.

The mutual groping went on for a while much to everyone’s entertainment, even Steve’s although he was just watching the spectacle. Eventually all hands were withdrawn from other people’s bodies and Jenna fixed her dress. The group made a small talk until it got interrupted by Jacqueline who wanted to ‘steal’ the sisters and introduce them to some other people; the two couples were not selfish and did not complain.

The new sub-group was equally small and consisted of two married couples: Dani and John as well as Sarah and Alex; the former were middle aged, the latter in their early thirties. Sarah was nearly as tall as the sister, she wore a long gown with tall wide slits on each side entirely revealing her both legs and even giving a glimpse of her panties when she walked. Once again there were numerous compliments, but this time Gigi and Bella were not as shy in receiving them. The conversation could not go by without another… eccentric request.

Alex was the one who asked the sisters to perform a leg caressing show. The girls once again in silence just by the gaze agreed on the roles and swapped the passive-active between each other. Bella stood in a wide stance and Gigi squatted down behind her, she placed her palms on her sister’s ankles, then she began to slowly slide them upwards gently caressing the long nylon covered legs. Going upwards she held her palms on the outer side, when she reached Bella’s hips she moved her palms over her sister’s buttocks to her inner thighs, then started to proceed downwards on the inner side. When Gigi’s palms returned to the calves she moved both of her hands to Bella’s left leg and resumed the upward motion, but this time she was not solely caressing her sister’s skin, but also gently groping her lightly toned muscles. This time she paid significantly more attention to the thigh, making sure that each spot of the nylon covered flesh received appropriate attention. When Gigi decided that the left leg had been taken care of, she switched her hands to the right leg and repeated the entire process.

During this show no-one from the audience had joined the girls, but when it was over Sarah invited them with a gesture to come over. Just like Bella earlier she assumed the wide stance position and them remained motionless, her intentions were obvious and the sister did not need to be invited twice; Alex stepped aside to get a better view of his wife.

Just like Gigi did earlier both sisters places their palms at Sarah’s calves and began to caress her long slender legs moving upwards; her skin was soft and smooth, her muscles toned by delicate, it was obvious to the girls that the woman took great care of her assets.

The Hadid sisters were slow and methodical, they fondled, massaged and sometimes even groped Sarah’s body, especially her firm round thighs. The entire spectacle lasted even longer than the one the girls did by themselves.

“I could spend my whole days just being touched by you, ladies” commented Sarah in a lustful voice “and I don’t only mean your hands and my legs” she added with a wink.

“We’ve got a pretty tight schedule” replied Gigi “but we’ll see what can be done”.

The whole company laughed and a naughty small talk commenced before once again being interrupted by Jacqueline. More people needed to be entertained.

The Hadid sisters were once again asked to kiss; they performed as steamy a spectacle as earlier, only this time it was Gigi who wrapped her long leg around the other girl’s waist. But when their lips parted and both sisters were breathing heavily Jacqueline joined them and asked to maintain the pose and continue the kiss in a more relaxed manner; they obeyed intrigued by her intentions. The hostess squatted down by their sides and moved her hands between their legs, she made sure that the entire audience could see as her fingers pushed the plugs though the fabric. She continued to play with the toys for the entire duration of the kiss. When Gigi and Bella finally stepped away from each other they felt even hotter than before.

The party continued for few more hours, there was a lot more similar ‘shows’ and the overall atmosphere remained equally touchy and shameless, but it never evolved into anything more. This was an eccentric party for open minded people, not a perverted orgy, although a certain level of perversion was achieved, it was not necessarily something that the sisters would be ashamed of for the rest of their lives.

During the farewell there was obviously a lot of kissing, not always on the cheeks, and a lot of groping; such behavior was considered friendly in this particular company. When the guests left the Hadid sisters said goodbye to their employers; that farewell was even warmer and more touchy. The girls obviously received the clothes and toys as presents, they decided to just wear their light dresses on top of the bodystockings and take the plugs out only when they reached home. During the ride in the limousine they performed a spectacle for the chauffeur as well; he kept driving slowly to remain safe on the road and to prolong the passionate kiss that was taking place on the back seat.

When they reached their destination the chauffeur opened the door for the girls, they got out and both kissed him on his cheeks, they also guided his palms to their buttocks; the man deserved that little tip.

Bella and Gigi went directly to the bathroom to take off their clothes, take out the toys and… let off some steam. They both felt incredibly horny after the crazy party and had no-one else to help with that but themselves. The sisters stripped and got under the shower, the water was not too hot, rising the temperature even more was unnecessary. As soon as they entered the cabin they once again locked their lips in a passionate kiss, but this time their palms went directly between the other one’s legs. It was almost like uncorking a bottle of champagne after shaking it energetically for a while; within moments both girls climaxed. They collapsed together on the wall, their lips parted, but they continued to finger one another until they could not take it anymore.

Gigi and Bella stood under the running water for indefinite amount of time until they eventually regained enough composure to finally wash themselves. They soaped and washed each other and then dried one another with towels. The Hadid sisters went to one bed together, but did not fall asleep; for a long time they simply lied next to each other, staring at the ceiling and re-enacting the events of the day in their heads.

Jacqueline and Ben did not say anything about another such party, but from the conversations Bella and Gigi realised that it was a regular event. They were sure that the hosts would invite them once again and both hoped that the day would come soon.

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