The last (super)man alive

You can save womankind... hopefully

Chapter 1 by AlexanderAvery AlexanderAvery

Just a short few years ago a group of aliens invaded our world. At first out guns and magic awarded them off fairly well. Then they released a super weapon. A virus that killed 95% of the Earth's male population.

A super soldier program was being developed. After this it was rushed into final stages, but the chems reacted negatively to the y chromosome. That is where I come into play. One of the few males left, and the only one in the area I was drafted.

Before I was some simple stupid cook. My wife, she was the soldier a powerful grey mage. How things changed.

Despite her protests, as she was always a bit protective, I was chosen. 4 hours, 7 injections of blinding pain. 2 days recovery. I woke up different.

I was stronger, tougher, faster. I was given a relic longsword that most people could not survive holding.

Now I live in a military base with my wife Erin, fighting a war I am not sure we can win.

Erin does not like it much, but is my duty as the only man in the city, maybe the world, that can grant the female soldiers and wizards the "relief" they need.

(Editors notes: To be played proper the game should end at zero health or stamina. I'm still figuring out the chyoa system, but a proper game has you restart at 0% hp or so)

You wake up and...

More fun
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