The challenge

The challenge

To play in public

Chapter 1 by Nenupharlil Nenupharlil

The challenge in itself was simple: Use a remote vibrator in a public space...that anyone online could activate at anytime.

When you woke up that morning you were already excited, slick between the legs, and that spurred your outfit decisions. It's a good thing it was a warm day. You picked out a sleeveless sundress that fell a few inches above your knees with no bra and no panties. The fabric stretched across your perky breasts was so tight that they barely had to work to keep the dress up. The skirt was a lightweight material that a soft breeze would push the fabric against your curves so well that it was obvious that you weren't wearing underwear. Exactly how you wanted it. Just in case, you threw over a light cardigan and smiled at yourself, there was one more piece missing: The vibrator.

The already open box on your vanity contained a pink vibrator. You picked it up and ran a finger along the silicon edge, feeling a twitch in your pussy as you felt what would be inside of you soon. You then grabbed your phone and made sure the vibrator was synced correctly. Setting your phone back down you looked in the mirror as you pulled the top of your dress down, exposing your pert breasts to yourself. You slowly dragged your free hand up your body to one of your already hardening nipples and pinched lightly, enjoying both the sensation and sight of the hard nipples. Before you lost yourself in a solo session, however, you hitched your skirt up and slipped the vibrator into your still wet, and getting even wetter by the second, pussy. Your pussy clenched around the toy, pulling it deeper and squeezing it in desperation to be filled.

Breasts still out, you grabbed your phone again and opened the streaming app. You grinned mischievously as the number of viewers skyrocketed, and started to play with your tits with your free hand again. "Hi everyone," you giggled at the compliments flooding your chat. "I'm still at home, but I've just put the vibrator in my pussy. I'll be heading out in a second, but check back in a little while, because once I get to the coffee shop, you can play with me there.~" You winked and blew a kiss to the camera.

You pulled your top back over your breasts, hard nipples poking through the flimsy material, and grabbed your purse and keys. The trip to the coffee shop was short, but every little bump in the road only made you hornier as you were aware of the vibrator, though not active, in your pussy. Once you parked you played with your nipples again, making sure they were nice and hard and visible to anyone who looked at you and stepped out of the car. There were tables outsides and as you slowly walked to the entrance, loving the bounce of your bra-less boobs with every step, you spotted the perfect spot.

Since it was still early in the day, but not so early that a lot of people would stop by for morning coffee, there wasn't much of a crowd. You pretended not to notice the cashier stare at your chest as you ordered and smiled sweetly as he handed you your drink. You made your way to the outdoor eating area and sat down at a table next to the wall. It was blocked from the rest of the shopping strip by bushes to your left and you could tell it wasn't a popular first choice for customers as you could see the dumpsters were located a few feet behind you. Which was good, that meant that you only had to be aware of potential people coming out of the store from in front of you.

Straightening your top and making sure your sweater wasn't covering your chest, you set your phone down on the table, using the kickstand in the case to keep the phone propped up. Quickly you made sure the angle was right with the camera before starting the streaming app again. It only took a second for your viewer count to reach high numbers again and you winked at the camera. "Finally here at the coffee shop, got my iced drink," you said as you held the plastic cup up, condensation from the cup dripping onto your chest.

"You know the deal, instructions for how to activate the vibrator are in the description bo-ohx!" You barely finished your sentence before you started to feel gentle vibrations in your pussy. You cleared your throat as you went on to tell your viewers of the different vibration settings, from gentle to intense and short bursts to sustained vibrations.

Just to mess with the viewers, you set your cup down and started to adjust your top, teasing your nipples through your dress but not quite yet exposing them. You were so caught up in playing with your boobs, and trying to keep your breathing and moans quiet, that you almost forgot to keep on eye out for other people. The glass door to the patio opened as another customer decided to sit on the same deck and you quickly dropped your hands and grabbed the edges of your sweater to cover yourself. The other customer, a young woman about your age, didn't even glance at you as she sat down two tables in front of you and started up a laptop.

You took a sip of your drink and looked into your camera, “Looks like we have company, should I leave or stay for a little bit longer?”

The answers were practically unanimous. Stay. In fact, within seconds were hit with a wave of the strongest vibrations. Your thighs clamped together as a moan escaped you involuntarily, which you quickly covered up with a cough. The other woman looked up from her laptop and you smiled weakly as you made eye contact with her, the vibrator still pulsing strongly in your pussy. She returned your polite smile and went back to whatever she was working on. You looked back at the chat on your phone to see more and more requests for a flash.

Your face was already hot but you were certain now you were blushing down to your breasts. Your juices started to stream out of your pussy down down your thighs, at this rate, it wouldn’t be long before you were dripping onto the metal chair. You had better indulge the crowd before you came in front of the poor woman. Slowly you started to play with your breasts again, groping the globes as discreetly as you could. The motion was so slow that the other woman never looked up from her laptop. Emboldened by this, and words from the faceless crowd, you pulled the top of your dress down, your hands now cupping your freed breasts. Rolling your hard nipples between your fingers you smiled at the camera as you ran your hands down your chest, pulling the dress down even further, exposing your tits to the open air, the Internet and to an unsuspecting woman.

Does the other woman notice you flashing her?

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