The Twin Dragons

The Twin Dragons

The Fantasy World Of Atmerius

Chapter 1 by Crimson_Moon Crimson_Moon

"Alright class the exams will begin shortly so please take your sits" said Mr. Loot, as he was walking up and down the rows of desks and handing out exam papers. As he was finishing up handing out the exam papers he was interrupted by a door slam open, at the door there was a man holding a 12 gauge shotgun, the class can see that the man sweating and panting heavily they assumed that he was running or did something rigorous before arriving at the door. The man at the door had a very insane look on his face topped with a creepy and sinister smile he had his finger on the trigger then he aimed for the teacher and shot him. The teacher, Mr. Loot's chest was riddled with holes from the shotgun blood was splattered behind him hitting the chalkboard Mr. Loot falls to the ground dead and lifeless, this caused the students to scream and run for safety or at least somewhat safe but it was no use as the man continued to gun down the students as they tried their best to find what little cover the room had to offer them all the while as he was laughing away at his achievement of what he had just done.

"Lets get out of here Luna!" said Sara

"Okay but how the bastard is guarding the door our way out of here." I said, Sara looked around for a quick second and said "how about the windows?"

"Like hell he will just shoot us if we tried that!" I said

"Well its better than nothing, plus I don't wanna die here just yet." said Sara

I was so terrified by the events that was transpiring before my eyes that I was staring down at the classroom floor hard unable to lift my head up, shaken with fear to the very core of my very being I was unable to answer my sister's question until she placed her hands on my cheeks and lifted my head up, as she did so our eyes finally met one another and we stared at one another in silence for a moment as we did so I had forgotten the world around us, until she broke the silence first by say "Yes or No, Luna?"

Out the window or not?

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