The Sex Games

The Sex Games

The Get pregnant games

Chapter 1 by Queen Death Queen Death

Years ago, the polar ice caps melted, and war ravaged the land. After years of fighting at a grate loss of human life, the surviving nations of the world came together to form the society we now call Populus.

The Great nations formed a Great City in a place that was once called Washington, surrounded by mountains. Around the Great City there are 10 smaller cities, each having a different industry.

Area 1 ( Fishing )

Area 2 ( Farming )

Area 3 (Lumber)

Area 4 ( Mining)

Area 5 (Transportation)

Area 6 ( Cattle)

Area 7 ( Technology )

Area 8 (Production)

Area 9 (Child Care/Education)

Area 10 (Power)

Every 3 years, each Area city, including the Capital must offer up 1 female to the Sex Games.

((NOTE: this story is like the Hunger games, but it will not be fights to the death in the Arena, but sex, so just an FYI, it is an idea, i dont mean to copy.))

What's next?

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