The Journey

The Journey

Step rivalry

Chapter 1 by Phoenixdown1 Phoenixdown1


Perth Australia, 2007

JOHN Holmes spent his life saving others, giving people second chances, nothing though could save John and Nancy on this night, a night where nothing was different, they'd just spent the evening at one of Perths finest steakhouse. Sure John had had a few to drink, he knew when enough was enough.

They were the parents of Ryan and Brie. Well Ryan was Johns and you can guess the rest. A third attempt at marriage for the both of them and before this night everything was going swimmingly.

John was a CEO of a pharmaceutical firm, one of the good guys, he actually pushed to make many medications readily available and Nancy a politician now more stay at home mum. Everything about them screamed money, their mercedes left the city skyline behind them.

They had a babysitter for the night, the first night they had together, alone in over two years. The kids at this time were in their early teens.

The headlights were caught in the corner of Nancys eyes. She did not stand a chance, it turns out a man in his fourtys fell asleep behind the wheel. John fought as hard as he could the next few days in intensive care, Johns mother was the one to call it, turning of his life support not before pledging to take care of the children.

Ten years later

Melbourne, Australia

The last ten years has been a rollercoaster of a journey, Ryan made his parents proud, just receiving his bachelor in fine arts. He was set to move to Paris to work under Mikeal Gugli one of fathers old friends.

Brie on the other hand, well let's just say she's more concerned about a good Saturday night than her future.

The last few years Brie has held a grudge over her grandmother. She believes her fortune is being kept from her, so you can imagine what was running through her head sitting opposite the attorney.

They were now alone, no family to fall back on, the future is what they make it.

She was obsessed the way the attorney was munching on the end of his pen, nothing about this man made sense, his tupeu so obvious.

It turns out that they were both sitting on a fortune, there lives were about to change forever.

A side note about this story, no matter what option you picked at the start of each chapter. You will still read both options in the end, you make the way each chapters plays out.

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