The Housewarming

The Housewarming

A Semi-True Collage of Experiences

Chapter 1 by obieblu_tumblr obieblu_tumblr

'At the station. Be there in 30.' You quickly text back to your friend, Chris, as the subway pulls to a stop.

You step on and easily take a seat, as you're boarding at a stop at a parking garage outside the city. Driving in the city is still a bit intimidating, and you expect you'd get towed at some point over the weekend as the signs and regulations here are notorious for extracting money from the unwary. So, you still feel a bit touristy with your backpack on, even though you've been coming down to visit Chris and his boyfriend, Jeff, on weekends for the past couple months.

This weekend is their housewarming. Chris did quite well for himself, moving to the city about a year ago. He quickly started dating a handsome morning talk show host, and he and Jeff moved in together a few months later. Jeff had been living outside the city to be discreet, as he wasn't out when he first moved here for the tv job. But he built up his confidence and came out recently, so he decided to bravely move into the city, knowing his relationship would get more attention. They found a small but beautiful apartment in a luxury tower with a partial view of the city's major league baseball stadium. Chris certainly couldn't afford to pay half of the rent. You're not a naturally jealous person, but you do occasionally find your mind wandering to how much better your own life would be if you suddenly met a good-looking local celebrity who would whisk you up into a nice apartment with no financial worries.

You actually think that might be Chris and Jeff's plan. You met Chris a few years ago, and he instantly assigned himself as your “gay big brother” as you were new to gay culture. Chris is a penultimate social butterfly, so you really learned a lot from him, even though it doesn't come natural to you. Jeff is a bit defensive about people trying to buddy up to him, but he took to you quickly as you were obviously not trying to use him for status or personal gain. They've been inviting you down to the city to spend the weekend very often. It's always a great time. After being trapped for years in a small hick town in the mountains, a private driver, getting into clubs and drinks for free, and being in a group that “everyone” seems to want to be around is sometimes like being on an alien planet. But a good one.

You spent last weekend on the couch of their new apartment, but tonight was the big reveal to all their friends and family. Chris actually used the term “inner circle”. Nothing you'd ever say to a close friend, but Chris was dramatic and intense, and you accepted his overture. You dressed conservatively, as even though you expected at least half of the guests to be the usual upscale gay club regulars, Chris's family would also be there as well as Jeff's tv coworkers. Leo would also be there.

The first night you met Leo, you were sure Chris and Jeff were trying to fix you up. You didn't mind at ALL. Leo was a pretty good package. His only fault was his horribly stereotypical local accent, but he was a dark Mediterranean handsome, incredibly witty, and working through a PhD in Art History at one of the renowned local universities. It was an interesting mix to hear his thick Mark Walberg accent talking about the Renaissance and high-brow cultural topics. Despite the first night being Chris&Jeff's attempt at a double date with Leo and yourself, Leo had seemed uninterested in anything romantic or sexual with you. You were a little disappointed, but not devastated. Your confidence was restored when a handsome Asian stranger was audacious enough to pretend to be a doorman at a club, then slipped in line behind you so he could talk to you. Talking involved a lot of petting, and any initial disappointment with Leo faded away. It was only in the cab ride back to Chris&Jeff's hours later that Leo started to show some interest by snuggling up to you moments before dropping him off at his apartment. Maybe jealousy and drunkenness had been good enough motivators to get him to make a move, however bad the timing was. For months, you and Leo had played text tag, but as you lived an hour away, it never seemed to work out. You asked him to coffee a couple times after traveling down for job interviews, but both times Leo had to teach that evening. He'd suggested getting together once or twice when you couldn't. All in all, you're definitely anticipating seeing Leo again, and there will probably be enough alcohol in a confined spaced to override both of your passive natures.

But, who knows. This housewarming promised to be a buffet of the “top gays” in the city. That was both intimidating and exciting.

Of course, Chris&Jeff's tower was built over a subway stop, so you don't have to get sweaty huffing with a backpack outside. You check in past security and head up to their apartment. It still seems weird, but a crazy drunk fan did borderline attack Jeff at your birthday party about a month ago. He and Chris quickly disappeared after security dragged her away, but you felt just a little bit cool to have celebrity drama at your birthday. The security was an unfortunate necessity. There were also a couple MLB players living in the building. And one was living with a Victoria's Secret Angel. You're pretty sure you saw their backs as they were going into his apartment, a couple weeks ago.

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