The Gym

The Gym

A New Body and a new you

Chapter 1 by Lake_Nine Lake_Nine

Have you ever been so desperate for a job you just start applying random places? That was me about a week ago when my landlord started threatening to throw me out for missing rent. I just applied anywhere that had an application submission online. Listen I had tried the whole application and wait for a reply thing before, the issue is I never heard back. I had graduated with a degree in graphic design a year ago. It wasn't that I was bad, or even that there weren't any places hiring, it was just there were a lot more people than positions.

That led me today, I was looking down at a piece of mail. That in it of itself was unusual, I don't get a lot of mail. Opening the envelope the name and logo reminded me of this place. There had been no info online about it but supposedly they were a new super high-end gym opening up in the city. They had a super long application with a bunch of strange questions on it. I would say there were testing for personality but what type I couldn't tell.

By the time I got the envelope open the short letter inside was anticlimactic yet welcome. It simply listed a number and told me to call them to set up an interview. My stomach grumbling I wasted no time and grabbed my phone which by time only worked thanks to my neighbor's wifi and dialed the number. After two rings I heard someone pick up and heard.

"Hi, Max thanks for calling back so quickly." The voice was female and almost bursting with happy energy.

That threw me off for a moment before I recovered and managed to reply "Uh thanks, I was calling to set up the interview."

What followed was a pleasant back and forth before we agreed to meet at the gym tomorrow morning just after sunrise.

Hanging up the phone I took a big sigh and tried to go to sleep.

What's next?

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