Taming of the Petgirl

How much for the puppy-girl in the window?

Chapter 1 by zechs195 zechs195

Looking back it all seemed so obvious but I just couldn’t believe my own family would betray me so severely. I looked at my bindings and tried to think where it all went wrong.

I had just turned 18. For most people that is a cause for celebration as they become an adult. As a young woman in a poor family in New America, it was a potential life sentence of servitude. While legally an adult for sexual purposes at 18 your parents legal rights supersede your own until you’re 21.

Many girls would fear the next three years as my parents could potentially sell me for a huge sum. I was a second daughter and while my sister was safe at 22 I was vulnerable and more so as a second daughter. First born were usually protected by their parents but the more children you had the more likely you were to let one or more of the later ones go. I watched several of my friend’s older sisters, usually middle children, disappear and never spoken of again. It was just a fact of life in New America but my family doted on me making me feel safe.

I’m reasonably intelligent but I must admit I never saw it coming. Looking back I could see the signs of my life and should’ve known what was likely to happen. My whole life I never felt close to my family emotionally even though they spent lots of money on me. Growing up my sister was allowed to eat cake and I was given a strict diet. She had leisure hobbies while I was forced to play sports. My hair was always done perfectly and my mom took me to get all waxed on all parts of my body except my head and eyebrows every month on what were our spa days. I was weighed and measured constantly to make sure I was at peak levels of attractiveness. My mom would take me out to dye my hair all the time and take pictures of the various looks to try and find the best one. Anytime I asked why my sister didn’t have to do this the excuse was she had a long term boyfriend and I needed to find a partner since they were so poor and couldn’t afford to keep me in the house any longer.

My name is Mary, and I am a pet-girl in training. I already told you I’m 18, I’m fit and skinny, lightly tan, currently a brunette, and I have b-cup breasts.

On my 18th birthday my whole life changed.

What happened?

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