Supplying a Winter Shelter

Supplying a Winter Shelter

Two homeless sisters are desperate for your help

Chapter 1 by TheFallacyGuy TheFallacyGuy

As snow fall over the city of Madison, the sun is setting. A picturesque scenery stands before you as the streets turn into a canvas for which the white paint of the crystallized rain fall upon. A comforting carpet of the winter weather brings a cozy and secure feel to the otherwise busy city. It feels so idyllic. There is just one problem. It's really fucking cold.

You pat your arms feverishly to no avail. Your mittens barely remedies the discomfort of the cool winter air. Fucking January. Every goddamn year it's the same. You're just getting home from grocery shopping, and you already feel like you might die of hypothermia.

You reach the door to the apartment complex, and open it stiffly. You can only describe the sight that meets you in the entrance hall as shocking. In the corner, ducked under the stairway are two young women. One of them is in the lap of the other. She looks to have passed out. The other girl is wide awake, and she looks into your eyes and starts to talk, struggling to get the words out as tears well up in her eyes.

"Please help us..." she begs: "We have nowhere to go, and my sister is very sick. We're freezing and I don't know what to do."

Author's note to readers and writers: Hi! Thanks for checking out my story. It's my first erotica/romance story, not just publicly, but just in general. It's also the first time I write fictional prose in English as it is my second language, but I think I write English well enough for these questionable purposes. If there are any spelling and/or grammatical mistakes that you think are severe, or if there is a sentence that is worded in a weird or confusing way, don't hesitate to shoot me a message, or comment on it in the appropriate chapter. In fact any feedback, positive or negative, are very welcome. Bear in mind that this story is closer to a romance than an erotica, and at this point only a very little "fun-loving" times are to be found, despite the story being way long already. Even when I get to it in bigger detail (and I will), you still have to read through a good chunk of my awkward prose and tolerate my abysmal humor.
Oh, and the story is also of the "moderated" type, so if there is a plot point you wanted to have taken in a different direction, you are more than welcome to add your own branches and chapters. Just remember to read the guidelines. I know they are kinda long, and a bit restricting, but if you have any ideas you wanna pitch before writing, I'll be all ears, and I can reassure you, I am a fairly agreeable person... at least I like to think I am.
And for all of you who liked and favourited and all of that good stuff... Thank you. I wasn't sure if I was really going to go through with this, but due to the very kind response, I now think that I kinda have to.
Enough of my ramblings. Hope you enjoy the story!

A thank you!
My story has been highlighted here on CHYOA. To get that you would need to back the site on Patreon. I haven't. I assume that this means that some madman out there pledged on their patreon and chose to highlight this. I don't know for certain how to find out what has happened here, but if it is some generous soul who donated to the site, while altruistically promoting my story... thank you. You're a fucking legend.

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