Strange Magic

Strange Magic

When you dabble in magic, accidents are bound to happen.

Chapter 1 by MisterMan1965 MisterMan1965

It’s 11:30, and you know you should be getting some sleep. You have to get up at 6:00 in the morning to get to school. You’ve got only a month to go before graduation, and you’ve been counting the days until you’re out. High school has not been a particularly pleasant time. Despite being reasonably good looking, you’re a shy, slightly nerdy guy. The only females you can talk to without getting nervous and tongue-tied are your mom and older sister Abbie. You find it impossible to talk to girls at school, and as far as you can tell, all the girls in your school seemed perfectly ok with you never talking to them.

With no girlfriend and no prospect of getting one, you spend a lot of time late at night searching for porn online and jerking off. Tonight, out of curiosity, you click on a link that takes you to a website that looks like it had been homemade in the 1990s. It has some weird stuff about chaos magic, human will altering the universe on a quantum level, and claims that following simple instructions could get you any girl you want. At first, you thought it might be just a pick-up artist scam, but as you look at it, you see it’s even stranger. It isn’t selling an ebook about how to neg girls. It has instructions for a magic spell to “capture the heart, mind, and soul of your chosen woman, enchant her, and make her into your devoted and obedient of love” You smirk and shake your head. You can’t believe that someone actually wasted time putting this on the web.

You sigh as you read the instructions listed on the screen. You have to admit, having a love is a hot fantasy. There is one girl in particular you know that you’d use this spell on, if there were such a thing as magic. Tracey is a tall athletic blond in your English Lit. class. Even though you’ve sat just a few seats away from her for the whole year, you’ve never had the nerve to try to talk to her, and you’re pretty sure that she doesn’t even know your name.

Looking over the spell, you see that a candle and a short chant is all that’s needed. There must be a candle laying around your room somewhere, left over from a blackout a couple of weeks ago. You’re bored and horny, so reluctantly you decide it might be a laugh to give the spell a try. You know that it’s ridiculous, but you’re getting turned on by the idea of Tracey being your devoted sex-. Going through the motions of the spell is helping you fantasize about it happening. You find yourself lighting the candle and chanting the words, despite feeling embarrassed and a little pathetic about the whole thing.

When you’re done, it doesn’t feel like anything is different. Of course not. It’s a joke. You let out a heavy sigh, jerk off to porn with a model that looks a little bit like Tracey, imagining her on her knees, sucking your cock like it was her favorite flavor lollipop. Then you go to bed and drop off to sleep.

Did the spell work as intended?

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