Sons of Mayhem

Sons of Mayhem

Nothing to lose, A sons arrival Home

Chapter 1 by 1Master 1Master

( Just want to say I'm not very good at this so don't expect anything great hopefully with time I'll get better and any advice would be welcomed, hope you like it.)

The sun was bright and shining brighty has you rode your bike on a long and empty stretch of road. You were confused and tired, riding for days. You had made a decision that after two years away from your family you were heading home.

Your name is John Sharp, you are 6'1 with short brown hair and a muscular build and are 21. You are a different person from the one that had left home two years earlier.You were no longer a kid that was going to be pushed around and told what to do.

Your father (Eric Sharp 6'3 with messy dark brown hair muscular but not as much any more at 45) was the reason you left home. You never liked your father because he constantly ordered you about, you felt he was always trying to assert his dominance, show you whoes boss. But the worse thing of all was the direction he was leading the club towards.

When you had left two years earlier you just packed a bag and left with saying a word to anyone. You just left a note hanging from the fridge one morning saying "I'm sorry, i have to do this". Your mother (Victoria Sharp long black wavy hair 5'7, good body with DD tits) new you weren't happy and you hoped she would understand your decision to leave.

The person you felt most guilty for leaving was your brother (Kyle Sharp 5'10 athletic build dirty blonde hair and 18). Part of you feared with you gone your dad would take everything out on your brother, but at the time you left you weren't thinking about anyone else. You and your brother were like best friends but you could never bring yourself to contact him. Part of you felt guilty, ashamed and afraid.

You weren't sure how any of your family would react to you turning up out of the blue, without even a single bit of contact since you had left. The closer you got to home the more yours nerves started to kick in so you stoped at the next place you could. You taught this was the best idea, since you were tired and after hours of riding you could do with the rest.

In the distance you saw somewhere you could pull over have something to eat and stretch your legs. When you got there it was a cafe, you walked and immediately your attention was taken by how old and rundown it was.

What happens next

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