So, I Married an Alien

So, I Married an Alien

My wife's from another planet

Chapter 1 by McCalister McCalister

You're name is John Doe and you lay in before your alarm goes off. Today is the first day of your senior year, normally you don't like school and would dread going, but this year is different. This year there will be Kresheshie at your school, you've never seen one in person but you know their hot. You begin thinking about them, more specifically their women. You've always liked their lilac colored skin, dark hair, ribbed pointy ears, and squared retinas and pupils.

You begin thinking of Kresheshie woman wrapping her purple lips around your cock, you begin to jerk off. You start thinking of your cock sliding into her purple velvet folds as you jerk off. You shut your alarm off as soon as it turns on, you try to cum knowing you don't have much time left. Suddenly your door opens "honey, time to get up" your mom says. You see she's only wearing a nightie.

"God, mom. Don't you knock" you say.

"Dear, if you want to play with your winkie either lock your door or do it in the shower" she tells you.

"Don't call it a winkie and I wasn't" you defend your self.

"Fine. If you want to play with your big fat cock either lock your door or do it in the shower. Is that better, dear?" she mockingly says.

"ewe, don't be gross mom" you tell her.

You get in the shower and decide to finish jerking off to Kresheshie women, but now you start thinking of your mom too. "damn it, why the fuck did she have to talk about my cock?" you ask yourself. You have to admit your mom is attractive, you really don't want to think of her like that, but as you stroke your soapy cock you begin to think of her big j cup tits jiggling as she bounces on your cock. You try to think of a Kresheshie girl, but your mom keeps sneaking back into your thoughts. You think of a sexy Kresheshie riding your dick while your mom sits on your face, when you feel your balls tighten and you have the most confusing orgasm ever. Fuck you think, why does your mom have to be so fucking hot.

You finish showering and dry off, you look at your self in the mirror. You're not perfect, your a little over weight, but your confidence and 8" cock overshadows that. You comb your brown hair before putting on a t-shirt and jeans. "Honey, are you almost ready or do you need more time to spank it?" you hear your mom say.

"God, mom. I'm not spanking it" you say defensively. Your mom is way to comfortable talking about sex with you.

Your mom already has breakfast ready and she's still wearing her nightie "Mom, cant you get dressed" She looked hot with her long light brown hair cascading down her back, her big j cup breasts barely being contained by her nightie, and nice juicy ass sneaking out the nighties bottom.

"honey, I'm off today, I don't need to get ready anytime soon. Don't tell me your mother showing a little skin makes you uncomfortable" she said.

"No, whatever" you tell her, before finishing your food and leaving for school.

What happens at school?

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