Sleepworkers Revisited

Alien Takeover

Chapter 1 by lordsomno lordsomno

It was a very warm night at the Litton School for Girls. The school sat on the edge of a small, isolated town that many former students had decided to settle in. The school itself was for women from the ages of eighteen to twenty one. They were instructed on the proper way to behave in society. Though the U.S. was beginning a sexual revolution, the school functioned the same way in 1961 as it had it 1901.

The instructors, taking a cue from the school's headmistress, neither discouraged nor encouraged lesbian tendencies among the young ladies. They also discouraged traits like modesty and inhibition as well. It was quite common for girls to walk about the house nude after lights out at nine and not dress until the next morning. Because the warmth, at most babydoll nightgowns were the sleep garments of every girl and teacher.

In addition, the girls of the school were in very good physical condition and tended to be a little bustier than the average girl on the outside. There were a few Bs, equal portions of Cs and Ds and girls who were even bigger still.

Unknown to anyone in the world, parked behind the school was a circular UFO. It had suffered a forced landing that day, with its cloaking device barely intact. Solar power could hide it during the day. At night, however, the ship appeared.

Analyzing the humans, the aliens found that the nearby human group had a chemical in their blood which allowed the aliens to use their power of telepathic control. This could only be done while the mind lay dormant.

So, as the girls of the college and town fell asleep, the aliens started to make their move.

What do the aliens do?

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