She-Hulk; Going Native

She-Hulk; Going Native

The Crash

Chapter 1 by gorel29 gorel29

Shutting the door to her office Jen Walters huffed in annoyance as she turned and sat at her desk, leaning back as she rubbed the bridge of her green nose. "Eight hours wasted in a trial involving some wacko hoping for the insanity plea. He's wearing a chicken costume! Of course he's going to get the damn plea!" Brushing her long green hair out of her eyes the tall Amazonian power house the She Hulk sat up and started going through her in-pile, checking each new letter and memo the firm gave her.

"Hello... What's this?" Picking out a small card out of the pile she gave it a wry look as she checked the front and back. -Green is the way to go- was all that was written on it along with the etching of a smirking face like some kind of Bond villain. "Figured I'd get junk mail in here, I wonder if I can sue the firm for letting this crap get in..."

Suddenly she felt woozy, her eyes getting heavy as she slouched forward. Looking back at the card she noticed an odd powder on its surface, covering her thumb and fingers in white dust. Consciousness left her and she passed out on her desk, sleeping dreamlessly while her office door opened.


Her head feeling like it was stuffed with angry bees and a bitter after taste in her mouth Jen woke up to find herself hanging from a wall, braces latched to her arms and legs as she finally came awake and looked around. "Ah finally awake are we? Excellent, then we can discuss what I have planned for you." Narrowing her eyes Jen grit her teeth at the smirking face of the Leader, sitting across from her with his legs crossed over a chair, his hand delicately holding a glass of wine. All around him and her were the twisted and failed copies of her cousin the Hulk, clones or engineered copies that looked like mutated cave men forced to wear poorly fitting jump suits as the stood guard around their master. "The HELL do you want, you god damned sicko?!"

Taking a sip from his drink the Leader smirked again as he stood up and looked out a small round window. "Do you know how long I've been after the Hulk Miss Walters? quite some time actually he's very difficult to find. YOU on the other hand are child's play." An intercom ahead announced that the plane they were on just passed the Chilean peninsula before the Leader continued. "That card in your in pile was laced with a powerful tranquilizer, if any 'normal' human being were to be exposed they would be in a coma for years, on you? A mere scant hours, more than enough time to drug the staff of your firm and drag you out of sight."

"What is this about Leader?" Struggling against her bonds she found them just as strong as she was, sapping her gamma fueled strength every time she resisted. "I wish to refine my work in creating the Hulk under a controlled environment, but since the source isn't available I decided to choose you for that honour, once we are in international waters and out of sight I can do what I want in impunity, hopefully you can survive the dissection to see my good work..."

"SCREW THAT!" Struggling against her shackles the Leader and his riot squad watched on as she slowly lost the strength to fight. "It is no use child those manacles will keep you from ever using your irradiated gifts on this plane."

To everyone's surprise Jen ended up doing the exact opposite! Switching into her normal small dainty self and slipping out of the over sized shackles before going green again, bulking out into the green skinned power babe she was known for before slamming both fists into the side of the plane.



The plane exploded from the shock of the strike, tearing apart in the air in high altitude and falling to the ocean below. Staggering out of the waves Jen sputtered and coughed as she collapsed on the cold beach of some strange land, rolling onto her back out of the water she rested against a palm tree, watching on as she saw the bits continue to fall from the sky. Tired and having the worst day of her life Jen sighed as she slumped back, slowly closing her eyes to let sleep take her again.

"She-Hulk 1... Leader zippo."

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