She-Demon's Contract

She-Demon's Contract

A man in his forties get's a life changing contract

Chapter 1 by BackUp40 BackUp40

You walk down the street. A long day after work, your boss, Mr. Hartin, is a great-A asshole after what he done today. He berated your performance all day, blaming you for sales problems that aren't even in your area. You thought about hitting up the local club and grabbing a few beers with friends. Maybe fuck a girl. Even though you had a very limited social life, you still felt like fucking tonight. You get to your place of residence and see some mail sitting on your living room table. You walk over and look at it, paying little attention until you notice the address: Hartin Enterprises. It reads: "Please return with signature".

"Oh shit." You mutter to yourself, take the envelope and look it over. Mr. Hartin just wanted to confirm that going forward your pay will decrease.

"Please sign on the dotted line." The small note on the front reads. You felt a little angry at this. The asshole must have been kidding! Sign a document that'll decrease your pay. You throw the thin paper down. Fuck him, you thought.

You take off your work clothes and replace them with jeans and a nice casual tee shirt. You get a message from your buddy. Tex been your best friend since back at high school. Both of you are turning forty in the next couple of weeks. He texted. 'hey you still hanging out with us. we're at the bar, come hang man.' You read over it a few times. He meant with your two other buddies. Jake is a lucky jackass that hit the jackpot through the stock market last year. He's ten years younger and richer than you'll ever be. He is decently good-looking with sandy blonde hair. And the other guy, Dean, is a clean-shaven bald dark-skinned man who's been moving up at your job for the last five years. Passing you on the corporate ladder this past Christmas. Did you feel like socializing today? You thought to yourself.

You check your account balance. You only own a tiny amount that is saved up, about 5k or so. But most of your money is currently tied up into rent and food for next month. You knew you couldn't pay for a night out. Then you felt depressed that your buddy is rubbing it in your face by sending you such a message when he knew damn well you couldn't afford anything right now. But you said fuck it. You need a nice relaxing beer. Your life hasn't been as great. You dream every night about going back to when you was eighteen. Do things differently.

You left your apartment as you walks through the bright lights of the inner city. You got a brief whiff of fresh steak cooking from a restaurant nearby as your stomach rumble a bit. The good thing about the place you lived at was you were just about four blocks from all the action and liveliness. The club, bars, strip joints, restaurants, hookers. A beautiful short brunette wearing a nice low-cut shirt was standing on the corner, waving you down. You avoid her, not understanding how a girl could do something like having sex for money. The concept is lost on you.

When you got away from the girl, you didn't see the large truck running a red light. It runs straight into you as it lifts your body off the ground, bones snapping as your head smashes onto the hood.

In , your memories flash before your eyes, recollections of moments in time that you held dear. The first day of school, your parents dying, the first date, the last fight with an old ex. Everything fades to black, and you feel at peace.

Then suddenly, there is light again. Your vision comes back slowly, as you find yourself staring up at an endless expanse of blue sky. As you sit up, you realize that you are surrounded by a sea of bodies, all laid out beneath you. You sit on the body as you see a creature staring at you. It slowly walks.

The creature wore a skimpy black leather outfit that showed off her massive breasts and toned belly. Her horns were curved, and her wings flutters with each step. The long claws attached to her fingerd looks sharp enough to tear apart flesh, and her eyes is a deep shade of crimson.

You try to get up as she approaches, but you quickly realize that you can't move your body. The creature gets closer and closer until you are face to face with her. Her lips curl up into a wicked smile, and she reaches out to touch you. Her hands feel warm against your skin, and you start to relax under her touch.

As she caresses your face and neck, you feel a surge of heat in your core. You look down at yourself and realize that you're naked, but your cock is gone. Nothing there.

The demon creature opens its mouth to speak. "John, you are dead. Nothing more than an energy in this realm. Don't worry. I've given you a new life. And when you succeed in my goals, you shall be rewarded."

"Ahh, what are my goals... Is this heaven."

The loud blood-curdling shriek laughs at your question. "Do you believe God would let you comeback to life?" The creature grabs you by your hair and pulls you forward into her chest. She hugs you tightly as you inhale her scent. It's sweet and intoxicating, making your head spin with lust. "No. This isn't heaven. But I can show you true bliss." Her long dark claw went down to your nonexistent sex. The nail digs into your soft skin as the demon gives you a pussy. "If you want to drift in this world be my guess. If not. Agree to my demands. And you'll once again go back to the human world. You can cherish your youth again."

"What are your demands? What do I have to do?"

She pulls your head up, locking eyes with yours as her nails sink deeper into your pussy creating the new you. She pushes one thick finger inside your brand-new vagina and begins to swirl it around. You gasp as pleasure shoots through your body like lightning bolts. As she moves faster and harder, your cunt gets wetter and wetter.

"Once a week, you'll need to fuck. Gather cum for me. After every sexual experience you have, I'll visit you. And gain power from your promiscuity, it will help me grow stronger. Don't you want me strong? Strong enough to keep you alive~" Her hand goes deeper and deeper until you reach orgasm. You let out a long moan as your body writhes in ecstasy. The demon continues to thrust in and out of your tight hole while whispering into your ear, "Your old life is gone. Use this rebirth as you wish, but remember that you belong to me now. Are we clear, Sara?"

You nod weakly as you lie on the pile of corpses. The demon stands over you and smiles. Her genitals hidden by the loin cloth skirt. She presents you with a piece of paper. A contract is written in wine-colored blood.

Do you sign the piece of paper?

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