Savage Land, Savage Lesbians

Savage Land, Savage Lesbians

Savage ladies with savage lusts in a land that time forgot

Chapter 1 by LesLes LesLes

Open for contributions, this is intended as a collaborative story.

The Savage Land is a hidden place, lost to time. Filled with plants and animals long thought extinct, dinosaurs roam vast plains and lush jungles of titanic trees while sabre-tooth tigers stalk their prey amidst its soaring rocky peaks. The vast ruins of long lost and forgotten civilizations hide treasures and traps, yielding to the brave or lucky rewards of dark magics or mysterious technologies and death to the unlucky.

The Savage Lesbians of this land are lost to time too. Fire and spear are their highest technology as the women of the Savage Land hunt and are hunted. Their lusts are as savage as their land, sated by the freewomen of their tribes or the slaves taken in raids upon others.

Inspired by the Savage Land of Marvel Comics, this is a place for stories about cavewomen riding dinosaurs, exploring lost temples of fallen civilizations, or tribes of women raiding for slaves. And a place for cavewomen having sex with one another. Characters from other media are welcome, either as visitors to this strange land or as cavewomen versions of their normal selves.

Readers, please comment. Not just about whether you like or dislike what you've read (though if other authors are like me they crave your validation so please comment). You should also comment with your thoughts about what you'd like to happen in the next chapter or ideas about alternative branches to a story.

Writers, feel free to start a new storyline or add to an existing story at any chapter. The "Add a new chapter" button is there for a reason. Use it! I will approve anything that's readable and more or less in keeping with the theme.

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