Sako's turning point

Sako's turning point

A story of embarrassment, punishment, freedom and purpose.

Chapter 1 by Branramz Branramz

Sako kaneko is an eighteen-year old cute gal who happens to find herself in the bad end much more that she would like to.

Sako was beautiful with the kind of beauty that categorized the pure, and well behaved schoolgirls, her black hair normally tied in pigtails or free and the beautiful eyes inherited from her mom would be enough to awake feelings in any heart, but sako was not a smoking hot kind of girl nor she wanted to be one, she was rather the cute kind of girl, her height was around 155cm, she had a triangle shaped body, a decent pair of b cup wide-set breast and a lovely pear shaped bum with a minimum belly.

Sako lived with her mother, Yuma kaneko and her father, Daisuke kaneko. Yuma and Daisuke came both frome the same village in the mountains, that village was a ancient japanese settlement were they and their traditions thrived but often young people leave to study and work in the city.

Sako's mother was a lawyer and her father a ingeneer, they weren't the best parents in the world, but always tried their best to rise her the right way.

Sako was in her last year of high school, while most of the others were making plans for the future or trying to enjoy their time left in high school she tried to lay low and pass her last days in high school as quietly as possible, since past a few months she started to question herself about. What she was going to do after school? She didn't knew what she wanted for her life, sako begann to sink in her toughts about the future becoming more dreadful and anxious as days went by.

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