Rules of Destiny

Rules of Destiny

Selphie and Kairi set up something fun.

Chapter 1 by mizuryu mizuryu

Kairi had been friends with Sora and Rikku for years now, but it was always frustrating trying to shop for birthday presents for him. You'd think the youngest person of their little group would have tons of things he'd want for gifts, but apparently he'd been a buddhist monk or something in a past life, because there was never anything he seemed to want much. Well, other than adventure, but you can't really box that up and give it to someone, now can you?

Even with Selphie's help brainstorming, the girls still had absolutely NO idea what to get Sora for his birthday.

"AAAAAAAUGH! Why does he have to always be so freakin' content with everything! A book, some new armor, ANYTHING! Just give us some sign of what would make you happy you adorable little impossible-to-shop-for jerk! Honestly, the only thing I've seen him show interest in is fighting Riku and hanging out on the island."

Selphie's frustration at this point was nearing the breaking point. Sure they could each just give him a box of candy or something, but that seemed lazy to her. In fact, she was so caught up in her brainstorming/frustration tantrum, that she nearly missed Kairi's next words.

"Well, he looked pretty interested when he walked in on me in the bath." The matter-of-fact tone didn't help either, but Kairi's red face helped convince Selphie that, yes, her friend DID just admit that their mutual friend had seen her naked.

"Hold on. HOOOOOOOOOLD ON JUST A MINUTE! When did this happen? Was it on purpose? Did you see him naked too?" Selphie's questions came too fast to answer, and when Kairi finally started to answer, she shouted out that she had the perfect gift idea for Sora.

Once Selphie explained her rather risque plan, Kairi needed little convincing to agree.

To Sora's B-Day Bash! [plan explanation too]

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