Private school, Public life.

Private school, Public life.

Two new students come to realize that in their school all bets are off and taboo is just another word for fun!

Chapter 1 by SilverSpectre006 SilverSpectre006

I have a secret to share. I’m not too good at making friends. Not that it is to say I’m awkward around people or that I can’t find a way to talk or be social, I would say it more so like people just don’t really... appreciate me. Yea, something like that. It’s funny too, had you been with me since I first started first grade you would totally call me out, thinking I’m joking, lying, asking for attention, and maybe I am and I would totally get that. Some people seek for attention and I see the appeal in it, but me? I just want to know people, feel for people and just... connect, you know? I’m average looking, I’m thin and healthy, average height, I get around, I try my best to fit in. It’s just, fitting in wasn’t ever easy to do. And sure, maybe that’s why I’m where I am now. I break rules, I make the adults angry and I interrupt the class for a stupid joke just to get my classmates to laugh. Why do I do this? Because I like feeling like I have someone for me, someone with me. Because when the class laughs with me, I feel as part of the group, even if for just one minute. There isn’t exactly a manual to make a friend is there? Maybe that’s why I’ve done so many stupid things and maybe that’s why I’m dragged into this stupid school now. Is it wrong though, to just want to make a friend? To just want to feel... wanted?

I lean my head on the glass window, staring outside at passing cafes and restaurants as the bus nears its location. A moment later I sigh, ‘Why did I have to be the one to move? They’re the ones who started it, how come they get away and I get punished?’ I think to myself, closing my eyes as I reminisce about my old life. Just last week I hung out with my friends and caught a movie in theaters, sure the movie wasn’t that good but we had some snacks and we had a good time afterwards. Had a lot of laughs making fun of that movie too, my friend and I.

I shake my head, I wish that was all true. Sounded better in my head than to say I fucked up, I got into a fight, and I hurt some kids all because I was... alone I guess? I don’t know. I remember staying up for the past few nights sitting in bed, praying this was all just a ruse, that it was just my parents’ way of punishing me. But no, it was true, and now here I am heading to private school, my new school, my new life.

I wonder what kind of person I could make myself become, the bright side of it all is that I do get to reinvent who I am, see if a new act can catch some heads. Who knows, maybe find a girl, make some friends finally? A guy can dream. I mean, it’s been two schools, twice now that I pretend to be someone else and none have landed but hey, the third time is the charm.

I grab my traveling bag, carrying all my clothes and my computer, the essentials as dad would say, and pulled out my notebook. I open it and skim through the pages, drawing after drawing, simple doodles I would make whenever a subject in class got too boring for me. Thanks to math class I got a bit better at these, and now they come out looking alright. Not detailed enough to be realistic, but not too cartoonish that they come off as simplistic. They looked similar akin to America animation drawings, as one of my classmates put it. I smiled at that compliment, I remember it was a good moment and something I needed to hear then. Shame nothing else came from that.

I browse through page after page, each drawing carrying memories inside them until I stopped to the last one. This page was scrunched and rumpled and torn off. I glare at it, this wasn’t a pleasant reminder but rather it remained as a memoir of where I am now. ‘Bastards’ I thought, ‘They had it coming.’

Finally I felt the bus stop, followed by the bus driver shouting “We’re here! Next stop, St. Gabriel High School.”

Authors Note: Hey everyone, I wanted to apologize for the month long wait in updating this story. It's been a looooong time, and I sort of needed a break from this one. No hard feelings, just ideas began to grow stagnant and I started feeling like no one was asking for more from this.

Buuuut after being absent for a month, I've come back to rethink now and I'm curious. Now I've been kept busy with full time employment, a second story and an upcoming surgery. But I'm curious, if you guys would like the story to continue do me a major favor and comment on why you would like it to return and add any ideas you have in the mid too. After all, this story is to please you guys haha ;)

Thanks and enjoy!

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