Private School Teacher

Chapter 1 by Shady Shady

"Mr. Doe?"

"Oh, sorry. I must have been day dreaming."

As you wake up from your day dream, you realize that your class is starting to fill their seats for another period of English Literature. Your name is John Doe, you are a grade 12 teacher at a very expensive private school, and you are paid very well for your expertise in literature. You are 29 years old, have dark brown hair and a strong muscular body. All of your students are 18 or 19 years old and are getting ready to graduate. The girl that woke you from your day dream is an 18 year old blonde that just happens to be failing your class. Her name is Ashley. She has fairly small breasts but one of the most beautiful asses you have every seen. But what are you thinking? You shouldn't be thinking about your students like that. If anyone ever knew you would be fired from this great paying job.

You shake it off and decide to start your lesson on.

What should you teach?

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