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Chapter 2 by Imhotep Imhotep

What should you teach?

American Civil War

You realize that means that you’re going to immediately lose the interest of a good chuck of the twenty students sitting in your classroom. Opening your lesson plan, you stand, and begin to address the class,

“Alright class, we’re going to begin on the Civil war today.” There’s a soft groan from several members of the class.

“We’ve already gone over the causes; today we’ll be addressing the tactics, leaders, battles and strategies of the first year of the war…”

As you continue to lecture, you survey the students sitting at their desks. There are quite a few attractive young women in your class you think. Of the twenty in attendance today only five of them are male, the other fifteen being young women. Walking around to the front of the desk, you pace slowly back and forth in front of the class as you speak.

“And so, by the time of the first battle of Bull Run….”

Your eyes take in all the girls. You mentally salivate, and remind yourself not to get too worked up lest you spring a hard on in front of everyone. Going up and down the rows, you judge five of the girls in your class as girls whose panties you’d like to get into, and have been the subject of lust filled thoughts, and masturbatory fantasies. Two of them sit in front, Ashley, dressed in her cheerleading uniform, and Amanda in the school uniform, navy blue jacket, white cotton blouse, matching pleated skirt, white, lycra knee socks and black shiny Mary Janes on her feet like most of the rest of her female classmates

Amanda is about 5'6 with blonde hair to her shoulders, with large round breasts, and a very tight ass that sways seductively as she walks down the hall. She’s idly playing with a pencil, sticking it in her mouth. Her friend Ashley in contrast, is paying closing attention to you her bright blue eyes locked on your face, but you notice she’s not taking notes. Her hair is black as tar, and done in pig tails braided on either side of her head. She’s of medium build, but has long sexy legs, and her body fits very nicely into the sexy blue and yellow cheerleading uniform. Looking quickly around her, she blows you a kiss, hoping to get a reaction.

Disappointing her, you merely arch an eyebrow as you give a quick disapproving look, and continue your lecture. Looking two desks back from Ashley is Sarah. Sarah is the prototypical perfect student. Her hair is a silky chestnut brown, which matches her dark brown eyes. Her teeth are straight and sparkling white, no doubt the benefit of having a dentist as a father. Sarah’s most prominent asset however is her very large chest. A petite girl of about five foot five inches, you’d guess that Sarah’s chest is 38c or better. You think she might be slightly embarrassed by them, as whenever you see her outside of class, her books are always pressed to her chest covering up her massive rack.

Across from her, in the next row is Donna. She’s a tall thin girl, a star of the swimming and diving team. Donna’s hair is dark brown, cut short, and feathered back from her pretty face. Her body is trim, and while her breasts are small compared to the other you’ve looked at, they’re big enough to fill your hand. And her legs look so sexy in that skirt, and those white stockings. You’ve heard gossip among the girls that Donna is a lesbian, but you have no idea if that’s true or not.

You feel a twitch in your pants, and decide it might be best if you finish your lecture seated, behind your desk.

The last of the girls you lust after is Nancy, who sits in the very last desk, in the last row. She’s a very poor student, and has relied on friends and her charm to get her through school so far. Nancy has golden blonde hair, long and straight, it falls just a little past her narrow waist. Her hair frames her face, which is dominated by her deep blue eyes, and her winning smile. Her breasts are large and round, and she is very proud of them, as she is the rest of her almost perfect body. It’s so close to perfect that a number of the other girls are jealous of her. She sits at her desk trying to file her nails without you noticing.

“And so Lee moved back to positions near Richmond. That’s where we’ll continue tomorrow. If any of you have questions or issues you’d like to discuss with me, I have time right now, or after classes at three. You wonder if any of the five beauties will stop at your desk as the class files out of the room.

Who wants to meet with you?

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