Escape the island
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Chapter 2 by Swamp Thing Swamp Thing

What should you teach?


"Lets go to the drama classroom today girls." You lead your students out of the regular classroom and down the hall to the school's drama wing. You unlock the drama room door, and usher your students inside.

The drama classroom has no desks. It's all low couches, pillows and cushions on the floor, changing screens, and trunks full of costumes. As the group of twenty high school girls files past you into your classroom, you see that they are all beautiful. Every one, blonde, brunettes, redheads. Sexy blonde cheerleader Ashley. Redhead twins, giggling together at the back. Every girl is tall, lean, athletic, with flashing eyes, bright smile, and pert little teenaged breasts. They all look fantastic in their school uniforms, neckties, plaid skirts and knee socks. You enjoy the look of confusion on the girls' faces as they look around the unusual classroom.

"Welcome to Drama, girls. In here, I'm not Mr. Doe, in here I want you to call me John. I believe you'll find Drama isn't like your other classes. In here we get to relax, and cut loose a bit. So you don't need to wear your uniforms. Put on any costume you want from the trunks. You can change behind the screens."

You lounge on one of the low couches, and watch the young schoolgirls silhouettes changing through the translucent screens. Your students giggle and whisper as they strip out of their school uniforms and try on different costumes. When they come out from behind the changing screens, one by one, you make each teenager dance for you in her costume.

The costume selection was admitedly limited. Most of the girls are dressed in lacy princess nightgowns, slinky fairy dresses. A few are dressed as french maids, nurses, or arabian slavegirls, and a cavegirl in a leopard print bikini. Blonde little Ashley found a police uniform and sunglasses. The redheaded twins are wearing short white nighties, with white bows around their necks, white stockings, and white kitten ears and tail. They all dance beautifully for you.

"Great. Now that you're all in costume, go ahead and sit down anywhere, on the couches, cushions or the floor." The girls gather around you, the two redhaired twin sisters sitting on either side of you on the couch, Ashley and the other girls sprawling on pillows, mostly on the floor at your feet.

What is their first drama lesson?

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